The tablet Computer has been around for over 10 years, but it only recently skyrocketed up the popularity ladder. This is because technology has finally caught up. The first tablet computers were bulky and heavy and the battery only lasted a couple hours, but in 2010, the iPad changed all that. Here’s 10 reasons why tablets are here to stay:

Why Tablet Computing Is the Future

1. A tablet IS a computer – Most people only use the computer for light tasks like Facebooking, browsing the web, and watching funny cat videos. Why sit at a desk all day for this, when you can consume the content on a handheld, 0.4″ thick tablet anywhere you go?

2. It feels more natural – Using a touchscreen feels much more natural than using a mouse. There’s almost no learning curve involved. This is why you see 2 year olds on YouTube showing that they know how to operate an iPad.

3. It’s fast – In some ways, a tablet can be faster than a desktop when browsing the web. Try booting up a computer just to check your e-mail and then try using a tablet to do the same task. Guess which one’s faster?

4. Videochat – Sure, computers can also do video chat, but try teaching your grandparents how to initiate a video call vs giving them an iPad for Facetime.

5. E-books – For the readers out there, a Kindle/iPad allows you to read thousands of books from a single device from anywhere in the world.

6. Apps! – With an app store, your tablet can turn into almost anything imaginable. A book, a camera, a game system, a turntable, a magazine, etc.

7. It looks cool – ’nuff said.

8. Ergonomics – When you use a tablet computer, it’s easier on the eyes since you can adjust the angle instantly by shifting your arms. You can use it lying down. You can even use it while walking around the house! (Just watch where you’re going!)

9. It’s cheaper – Just wait a few years and the price of tablet computers will inevitably come down. Sure there’s laptops you can buy for a couple hundred bucks, but with almost no moving parts, a tablet computer needs almost no maintenance.

10. It’s the future – If you watch Star Trek or any other sci-fi television show or movie made decades ago, you’ll often see the characters using something that looks like an iPad. How did they predict it? Well, it’s just natural progression. As computers get smaller and smaller, it’s only natural that it would become as small and thin as a magazine. So where’s the personal transportation device or time machine? Let’s just say the iPad is bringing us one step closer.


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