How To Give Yourself A Makeover

How To Give Yourself A Makeover

When people get a makeover on the telly, it’s not surprising that we want the same thing for ourselves. Modern life is hectic, making it increasingly difficult to dedicate the time and resources to looking our best, yet at the same time appearance is increasingly scrutinised.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be Go Win’s muse or the focus of Tinny & Susannah’s critical eye. Instead, we have to find our own way to give ourselves a manageable look that still packs a punch in the style stakes. However, here are 10 steps that help you to do just that.

  1. Without the benefit of a TV star’s input, you’re going to need to source your own inspiration. A good starting point is to start reading style magazines and celebrity magazines. However, it’s important to note that what most of the people photographed in these magazines have teams of stylists working on them and that not all ‘looks’ are achievable. Think about your body-type and what will flatter it the most. Many style magazines carry tips and suggestions to help you make the most of your best features.
  2. Likewise, when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle, specialist hair magazines are worth browsing. Again, be realistic with what’s achievable. But use them to find elements of a good style that will suit your colour and face shape. You may also have to think about what level of experience and expertise your regular hairdresser holds and whether you need to replace them.
  3. If you are looking for a new hairdresser, a good place to begin is with an online business directory. That’ll show you which hairdressers are located near your home or workplace. They’ll also feature reviews, rating and website details, so you can do a little more digging on what they offer and if they’re right for you.
  4. Once you’ve found one or two hairdressers that you like, it could be worth arranging a consultation. There, you can show photos of the kind of things you like and ask them for their suggestions. The better hairdressers won’t just give it a go, simply because you asked them; they’ll ask questions and offer alternatives if they disagree with your ideas.
  5. In order to look good, you need to feel good. For that reason, your next step should be to book an appointment with a luxury spa. Spa treatments can help you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated – two key factors in exuding a healthy, attractive appearance. If you’re concerned about your body, why not tie in your spa treatments with a visit to the gym?
  6. Next, you’ll want to get some beauty salon treatments. From manicures and pedicures to tips on what type of make-up you should be wearing, this will be an important part of your new look.
  7. Now it’s time to shop. Whether it’s your nearest big shopping mall or your favourite boutique retailers, go along and try things on. Don’t buy unless you feel confident in them. If you think it makes your bum look big or drowns out your curves, for instance, then try something or somewhere else.
  8. Once you have a few nice outfits, you’ll then need the shoes to go with them. Go shop to your heart’s content!
  9. In order to recreate the fabulous new look your stylists have created for you, you’re going to need the right products and possibly equipment. From hair products and make-up to straightness and curlers, make sure you have everything you need.
  10. Finally, while it would be marvellous to maintain your glamorous new look every day, it’s much more realistic to find a more manageable version. That’s not to say you’re going to go back to your old look. But think about how much time you have and tailor your look to fit.


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