Adore the tinge of cumin seeds into your food? You ought to. After all of the seeds include aroma and flavour to every dish. But, there can be some side-effects associated with excess consumption of cumin seeds.

Imagining a Indian kitchen without cumin seeds is nearly impossible. Cumin seed is a culinary herb that’s native to Asia, locally called jeera, caraway. It’s actually a fruit of cumin herb. Cumin seeds are proven to have many health benefits but did you know that ingestion of cumin seeds may possess some side-effects too? Below are some unexpected side-effects of cumin seeds.

Cumin seeds are known for their gas-relieving properties but you will find it odd to understand that the very same seeds may be responsible for causing one of the typical digestive problems: heartburn. Cumin seeds have been known to ease the flooding of more gas into the gastrointestinal tract leading to heartburn.

The carminative impact of cumin seed can lead to excessive belching. Sometimes, the belching is referred to as burping which involves excess gas and bloating from the intestinal tract and stomach, making its way out through the mouth area. At times, belching may have bad odour and characteristic noise. Although, it’s not a large problem, it may be embarrassing occasionally.

The oil present in cumin seed is extremely volatile and may damage kidney and liver on ingestion of large amount of cumin seeds for long amounts of time. It is recommended to keep the intake limited to moderate amounts.

Abortifacient Effects
Cumin seeds may also have an abortifacient effect on girls when pregnant. Consuming large quantities of cumin seeds can lead to miscarriage or may induce labor. Pregnant women should stick to the diet as and if recommended by their health care provider or nutritionist.

Cumin seed is also known to possess narcotic properties and therefore, they need to be consumed with caution. Additional side-effects of cumin seeds consist of mental clouding, drowsiness and nausea. Excessive usage of cumin seeds can trigger nausea and nausea.

Consumption of cumin seeds in large amount can lead to heavy bleeding during menstruation. You must therefore, eat them in moderate amounts.

Consumption of cumin seeds in large amounts can lower the blood sugar within the body. If you are heading for a operation in the near future, it’s crucial to maintain glucose levels. Your doctor will advice you to stop swallowing seeds at least two weeks before the surgery to control your blood glucose level during and following surgery.

Not Good For Diabetics
Diabetes patients need to control their blood glucose level so as to have normal blood glucose level. Fluctuation in the blood glucose levels should rigorously be avoided in diabetic patients. Cumin seeds may decrease your glucose levels quickly. Thus, people who suffer with diabetes should avoid consuming.

Not Acceptable for Lactating Girls
Overweight women should avoid consuming excessive amounts of cumin as it may lead to low production of milk. Although, this side-effect isn’t common to everybody, excessive quantity of cumin on your diet can do more harm than good to your health. Thinking about the advantages of these seeds you should also not completely avoid eating them. Just continue the intake to moderate levels.


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