1. Four colors everyone should have: Navy, charcoal, gray, and white These are very important. They can go with any situation, are year around, you will look good in them, and they never go out of style. You cannot go wrong buying these colors. Remember, you can buy other colors and it’s recommended. However, these should be the building blocks. Buy these first then spread to other colors.

15 Rules of Fashion

2. Shoes and belt color always match Common sense, but I can’t tell you how many people I see who break this rule. That is one of the reasons I put it towards the top. I wanted to make sure people don’t miss it. It looks bad in so many ways. First off, you’re breaking a cardinal rule in fashion. Secondly, you’re wearing an extra color that you don’t need if you just matched. Thirdly, people know the rule and when they see you not matching, they’re going to think you don’t know how to dress yourself. Your shoes and belt color should always match!

3. Attitude is the most important thing in fashion You have to own what you’re wearing. There is a saying, “You don’t wear the clothes, the clothes wear you” and it’s true. Whatever the looks is, try to stereotypically, in a way, fit that style. Don’t go for a serious older look yet, act like a screwball teenager. People won’t take you seriously and the clothes will come off as pathetic. You will learn eventually that style and fashion aren’t about looking good. It’s about self-reflection. Try to give off a vibe through your style and make sure your actions fit that vibe.

4. Wardrobes are built over time I hear a lot of people complain about money when it comes to building wardrobes. I hear them wanting to do this or wanting to do that but they don’t want to spend a ton of money on all these clothes. People need to understand that a wardrobe is built over time. I don’t expect you to go out and spend a thousand dollars in a month on clothes. I do however expect you to spend a thousand that year on clothes you find appealing.

5. Quality does matter Going off number 4 in a way, if you want to look good, you do need to spend some money. I am not talking about hundred dollar shirts or two hundred dollar jeans. However, you don’t want stuff from cheaper places like Hollister, Old Navy, Pacsun, Walmart, and some stuff from Kohls. Those clothes are cheaper material, they don’t fit right, they usually have a brand slapped across the chest, and they’re not pre-shrunk. Instead, I think you should go to places like Banana Republic, Express, Forever 21, and so on.

6. Always wear fitted This is a must. Your clothes have to be fitted. If not don’t bother trying to look nice. Fitted doesn’t mean going to a tailor and having them fitted on you (even though that would be better and if you could afford it I would). It simply means buying an article of clothing that is labeled “fitted” or at least the cut is towards your body. You can tell. If you hold your arms out to your sides as if you’re flying and your shirt looks like a square box, don’t buy it. If the sides cut in and curve then it’s fitted. They have different types of “fitted”. “Modern” is a healthier box looks which I prefer for heavier people. “Fitted” is a little curve on the sides which is preferred for the skinnier or fit guy. “Slim fit” or “Extra slim fit” are even tighter on the sides. So you know, the fit is only cut on the sides under the arms (mostly). Yes the whole shirt is fitted but it’s usually concentrated on the arms and sides area. The chest and back should change so much. So if you’re worried about a big chest or back don’t be. They are designed to make you look slimmer so they focus on the sides.

7. A peacoat and scarf is a must for both sexes Yes, both sexes can wear them and they should. It adds character to your look. It also gives you the layer look which is very popular. The great thing about pea coats and scarves are they have numerous colors and designs so you can try to mix and match and see what looks good on you (even though basic colors are nice).

8. Large logos are a no-go There isn’t much to say here. Just don’t do it. I hate the idea of being “branded”. I am not a cow.

9. Find a fashion role model and stick with him/her This is a great tip for beginners. You can follow celebrities and look at their style choices. This is good because they always try to look good because they’re always in the spot light so you know you’re getting the best looks. Many of them also have personal stylist who help them out which works in your favor since you’re imitating their style.

10. It takes a lot of time and effort to pull of any look. Even the effortless look You need to put a lot of time in effort in your style choices. That means a lot of time in the mirror, online searching for clothes, online searching for wardrobes by celebrities, and in actual stores trying over and over again different clothes. Many times you may not find something you need but it’s totally worth it if you get one or two outfits put together that are flawless.

11. You must fully commit to the look from head to toe or it won’t work Just like attitude makes the outfit, so does your commitment. Let me explain what I mean by commitment. I don’t mean staying with looking your best. Yes that is very important. What I actually mean is following through with the style from head to toe. A lot of people work on one area of the style for example such as the clothes. What they forget however is the hairstyle or facial grooming. Those are just as important. You can’t have a total rugged look if you shave your head and face every day. You have to grow some facial hair and let your hair do its thing. You have to follow through from top to bottom. Your shoes, socks, jeans, belt, boxers, accessories, shirt, jacket, facial hair, and hair all have to go together or the look won’t work.

12. Fitted expensive jeans and shoes. Everyone needs a pair I can’t even begin to explain the difference expensive fitted jeans and shoes make. Yes you are going to have to spend a bit more on these two items but they’re worth it. I suggest you start putting aside a little cash every payday until you can afford them. What do I mean by expensive? $150-220 is a good way to start but if you can go higher than do so. The jeans are made of out different material. They won’t shrink, fade, or rip near as easily as what you’re use to buying.

13. Add a twist to the classics Denim jeans are a classic. Basic one color tees are a classic. How do you add a twist to them? Get a different style of them. Instead of getting a basic one color tee, get the tee as a v-neck and see how that looks. Instead of Denim jeans, get a pair that is fitted or a different style. Maybe a bootcut. Basics have varieties so don’t be afraid to check them out.

14. Layers are good. Layers are the best thing in style. That is where you can actually show off what you have and can do. When it’s summer, a lot of people rely on the cut and material to look good because you don’t have a lot of things to show off due to the heat. However in the winter, you can layer all type of material and mix and match outfits. Layering is probably my favorite thing to do in fashion.

15. Don’t have too much accessories I am not a fan of accessories. I don’t wear any but sunglasses (wayfarers). You can wear accessories but remember less is more when it comes to fashion. Don’t over do it. Work on the material and cut of your clothing first.


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