How many Online Marketers overlook the simple art of blog commenting as a way of driving traffic to their blogs? The Internet is home to some really big and popular blog sites that enjoy thousands of daily visitors. So it is easy to get yourself noticed on these blogs simply by leaving comments on new and interesting posts.
The step-by-step way to do effective blog commenting is:
Step Number 1:
Find some really popular blogs in your specialist niche. You can do this in two ways.
1) You can go to Google and type in your niche keyword and then the word “blog”: For example “dating advice blog”. I just ran that search through Google and it came back with more than 13 million blogs. That tells me two things – the niche is really popular and there are a lot of people searching for good advice.
2) You can sign up to Google Alerts (which is a free service). Put your main keyword into the site and click the “blog” option. Set the number of times you want to be notified of new content and then set it and forget it. I use this for a few of my blogs in different niches and I get new blogs to target with comment posting delivered to my email every day.
Google Alerts is also a great way of staying current in your niche and learning about any new niche products that are coming on to the market that you might be able to sell as an affiliate from your blog.
TINY TIP: If you want to get some back-links from your comments as well as direct traffic you can add “CommentLuv” or “do-follow” to your Google search and this will bring you results where your comments are indexed by spiders and bots.
Step Number 2:
Read the posts you want to leave comments on. If this sounds like a really basic idea to you that is just fine. I have a lot of blogs that I moderate comments on every day and it is amazing that so many people think they can just go out and spam on blogs. Their comments are usually just sales pitches, and most times not even in my niche.
Step Number 3:
If you want to have your comments taken seriously then read the post and then respond to it. Giving some free advice or another opinion on the post topic is a nice way of encouraging people to read your comments and then be curious enough about you to click on your blog link.
And finally make sure you edit and proof read your comments. Yes it might only be about 100 words but there is nothing more off-putting to readers to have to wade through a lot of comments that look like they have been sent from a mobile phone or a text message. Professional online marketers and experts in their field write properly and it does make your comments easier to read.

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