Different Ways To Heat Raw Vegan Food

Different Ways To Heat Raw Vegan Food

The concept of a hot raw meal is counter intuitive, how can a meal be hot and yet being considered raw. The reason is due to the definition of raw food. Most definitions of raw food state that food is considered raw as long as it is not heated above 115F, the reason for this that enzymes found in food, breakdown at 115F. Here are some methods to enjoy a warm raw meal.

Method 1 Use a Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is one of the most common methods to achieve a warm cooked taste in raw food. It works by using low heat to extract water out of food. To ensure that enzymes are not destroyed, be sure to keep the temperature setting on your dehydrator to under 115F. There are many great raw dehydrator recipes out there.

Method 2 Use Hot Water

Cooking with heated water is another method to make warm raw dishes. Just make sure that the water is under 115F. This method is used to make a variety of fantastic warm soups, which are great pick-me-ups during the winter time.

Method 3 Use your finger

The lowest heat setting on your stove is another method that can be used to make a raw meal. If you can stick a finger in the food while cooking it is not too hot to disqualify it from being raw. Some people also use thermometers. This method is an excellent way to prepare chilli.

Here are several great ways to expand you raw preparation repertoire. Enjoy.


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