Summer is always a great time to host a birthday party. There are many options available in the New York City for every budget. They can range from being free to as expensive as a person can afford. There are numerous outdoor locations and activities for birthday parties. Nowadays organizing birthday parties at outdoor locations are preferred as there is no mess at home and everything is well organized at these event spaces in New York City. Parties at these outside locations can be real fun.

Some of the most popular event spaces to host summer birthdays in New York City include: Bryant Park ? balcony, Eden (@china club), 230 5th Ave., Ono (garden) and A60 (Thompson hotel)

Bryant Park is situated between the 5th and 6th avenues & the 40th and 42nd streets, behind the New York Public Library in Manhattan. It offers one of the best locations for hosting an event in New York. Several events have been hosted at Bryant Park in last few years.

Eden (@china club) has a spectacular rooftop lounge. Both the outdoor and indoor bar areas are placed between giant trees. There are fake plants which adorn the interior space and create an Olive Garden effect. It offers a great location for hosting birthday parties and the service is great.

230 5th Ave was opened in 2006 and since then has been used as a regular event hosting site. The d?cor of palm trees, wooden benches and stuffed animals make it a big attraction for people. It has the largest rooftop drinkery in the NYC. The cuisine is great with lavish service.

The Garden of Ono is open from May till November and is used for hosting many events. It has a sophisticated outdoor lounge and attracts 20 something hot shots. The food is delicious and offers a great outdoor space for hosting summer birthdays.

A60 (Thompson hotel) offers a beautiful space for hosting events. The staff and food is great. Located on top of the Thomson hotel, it offers great views. Though the space is a bit small, but nevertheless it?s a great place to be in.

Hosting a summer birthday is quite fun. A lot of planning is required to make it a success and choosing the right place is of utmost event.


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