Building a mailing list is an essential part of effective marketing. You’ll be able to send information about your new products, sales, and other promotions. A list also provides you with a great way to build relationship – and building relationship with your prospects is what turns them into customers.
SO how can you get a list built, and quickly? Here are five easy steps to follow to get your list going.
First, create an opt-in page to market your list to your prospects. You want to give them a reason to sign up for your list. A compelling newsletter is a start, but most people nowadays aren’t going to go for the sign up just for a newsletter. Offer a freebie – an instant download, instant access to a video or something else you know they’d like.
Put an opt-in box on each page of your site as well. You won’t have as much room as you do on the dedicated page, but you want the offer to sign up for your list to be present for visitors on your site. If you provide good content on your site, people will be interested in your list and you’ll get sign-ups from this.
Second, provide great content to your list. Build up a conversation with your list. Give them bits of information that they can’t get on your site – things that will be helpful to them. As you write for your site, mention things about your mailing list. This is especially effective if you have a blog you post to regularly.
Use your blog to build up a strong readership. Mention your mailing list here and there in your posts. Also mention articles you’ve shared just with your list, or questions you’ve asked and they’ve been able to give input on. Offer an opt-in to your list. These tactics will build your list and your relationship with your readers.
Third, consider paid advertising. An effective ad campaign is a way to bring in lots of subscribers quickly. This is an especially attractive option if you start your mailing list off with a high-converting autoresponder sequence. You’ll get them subscribed for for a low cost-per-lead, and immediately funnel them through to make an investment in one of your products (or an affiliate product).
Google AdWords is a good option for a quick paid advertising campaign. I recommend placing a limit on your initial budget and watching your campaign carefully – it’s easy to spend a lot of money quickly.
Do some keyword research and decide which keywords are relevant to your niche / newsletter topic. Then take a look at the ads that are running for that keyword. Which ones draw you in? Think of search marketing ads like classifieds – they need to be short, but powerful.
If you decide to advertise on a search network you’ll pay more per click, but your visitors may be of higher quality. Google’s content network displays your ads on related websites. You can usually get clicks for pennies on the content network.
Fourth, research leading blogs in your niche. Write guest articles especially for these blogs. It may work best if you follow these blogs for a few weeks, adding in helpful comments on good posts and generally making your competent presence known. Then contact the blog owner and offer to write an article that you know they’ll appreciate. You can also propose several different article titles and let them pick one. You’ll be allowed a short biographical paragraph at the end of your article – mention your newsletter and link to your opt-in page.
Related to this, blog carnivals and article marketing can help get word of your list syndicated out to the internet. Press releases are another consideration.
Finally, a fifth strategy for building up your list quickly is to frequent forums in your niche. Make solid, helpful posts. Give them an authoritative quality (without seeming like a know-it-all). As you build up a good reputation on the forums, add a link to your newsletter opt-in page in your signature. This is a great way to get a lot of high quality subscribers.
Remember it almost always comes down to providing excellent content. Keep everything you write high quality, and produce a high quality, entertaining newsletter.


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