Related imageIt’s a Challenging task to control the sugar intake of your Kid because It’s everywhere.
Virtually everything a kid loves to consume has sugar in it. It’s challenging to keep kids away from sweets, cookies, cakes, and muffins.

Consumption of added sugar is quite harmful. It is going to definitely lead to the problem of tooth decay but it also ups the risk of hypertension, obesity, fatty liver and diabetes. Encouraging kids to eat healthily is not straightforward. Swapping chocolates for vegetable might appear impossible. You want to get some clever ways to decrease sugar consumption of your youngster.

Below are a few steps which every parent could follow to cut sugar out of their child’s diet without permitting them to notice it.

Be creative

The appearance of this food may make a good deal of difference. Adding chocolate syrup or extra sweet treats is not the only method to make meals more attractive and tasty. Attempt to make the meals more attractive. If you’ll serve only vegetables then it will surely become boring. You can use a variety of tactics to make food more attractive. Attempt to combine different recipes which can excite the children to eat. Use colorful vegetables to add bright colors to your recipe such as legumes, lettuce, carrots etc.. You can add healthy elements to your kids’ favorite foods which will cause them to eat vegetables as well.

Avoid sugary drinks

Fizzy drinks are high in sugar and unhealthy as well. You should prevent your kids from swallowing them. Do not purchase them or hide them out of your kids. You can give fresh juice for your child but do not add sugar to it. Also, encourage your kids to drink more milk and water.

Don’t make dessert compulsory

Parents are responsible for their kids’ eating habits. Don’t make sweets mandatory after dinner. It will help in cutting down sugar significantly. If dessert is a must in your everyday diet then change it instantly. Kids will eventually develop a habit of never eating dessert. Add more salad and fruits into your dining table and create healthy eating a habit.

Reward them sensibly

This will turn into a habit after some time. Reward your children wisely and provide them items which are useful for them. Don’t use cakes and biscuits to motivate them to study. This is only going to increase the consumption of glucose.

Increase protein intake

Protein accounts calcium levels in your system and aids in developing fat burning muscles. Some protein-rich foods include eggs, almonds, oats, milk etc..


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