Before I show you 7 simple steps to setup a blog, first, I want to ask you #1 question. Why do we blog? Do you have any opinion? OK, I will ask you 1 more. If you have a blog, then what is your blog used for?
Are you confused already? OK, now listen to me carefully. I assume you don’t know why you blog and what is your blog used for. Blogging is one of the most popular Internet-related phenomenon. Very often qualified as the trend of keeping personal diaries online. Blogging is far more complex owing to the fact that every web log carries the touch of the owner’s imagination, interest and wit.
The range of topics blogs deal with is incredibly wide from politics and economics to sky diving and snorkeling. The next very important aspect after blog content is actually the interactive format of the pages that allows users to take action on the site. If your blog is used for standard use for keep your daily updated information, then how about make your blog a profit pulling machine? Isn’t that sound interesting?
But before you use your blog for profit, you must know how to setup it, so it will turn out as expected. These simple (but) important steps is often ignored. Most people start their blogging without have any basic mindset and knowledge about setting blog with the best way like below steps :

Change Domain Name Server. This is easy if you know how to do it and not required any of tech knowledge. Just login to where you bought domain name and find it in domain manager section.

Automatically Install Your Blog. There are many ways to install blog, but do you know the best and easy way to do it? You must have “CPanel” dashboard in order to do it. Most hosting company already updated their feature with it. Check you hosting control panel to make sure you have “CPanel” installed.

Get Ultimate Host For Your Blog. A lot of hosting company, but how to choose the right one? If you choose it wisely, you can’t be in trouble for any unavailable features or out dated important things that will make your life “harder”.

Install Google Analytic. Google Analytic is used for tracking your blog visitors, in example, how much visitors visit your blog per day, their behavior, your popular content, traffic sources, and many more.

Setup Email Account

This is important things you should do. Why? Because if you are gonna build your brand or promote your name in blogging world, it’s best to use compelling email address. Which one do you think is more professional, “example@” or “example@”?

Change Blog Theme. You have to change your default blog theme once you have entered your blog dashboard. It is better to looking for theme that matching your blog topic. You can download on many free WordPress blog theme sites and install it.

Install Plugins. Last but the most important thing is to find some best plugins and install them. If not, then you are skipping big opportunity to make your life easier with blogging stuff.

So, now you know 7 simple and important basic steps to make your blog ready for gain profit.

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