“When you are well, life is all about what you want.

When you are sick, life is all about getting well.”A�

~Rick Lelchuk

Think back to the last time you were sick. I’m not trying to upset you, I just want to make a point. Now it doesn’t matter if it was a common cold, a severe headache or something much more serious. Each time you were ill there was a shared thread… All you wanted was for it to go away and go away quickly so you could get back to normalcy, wellness. As you think back to that time you can begin to appreciate what it is to have the feeling of wellness. But, regrettably, we forget to appreciate wellness and optimal health when we have it.

A Call for Wellness

What threatens your wellness threatens your ability to function. It affects your drive and motivation and thwarts your dreams and desires. Being sick throws you out of whack and it too throws off those around you. An illness goes far beyond affecting just you. It affects those counting on you to be a mom or a dad, a trusted friend or sibling, a needed co-worker or teammate.

Your wellness and healthy state is vulnerable to disease, injury, environmental toxins, malnutrition, dehydration, stress and much, much more. Your body, and mine, are exposed to and attacked by so much more than Mother Nature had designed it to defend against. It is the price we all pay today for modern, high paced living.

Defending your body against the continuous bombardment must be or become one’s first priority, for without your health, without your wellness, nothing matters – only getting well matters. You don’t have to look far to see the upset modern day living has imposed upon the modern day body. Everyone knows someone who has been touched by this scourge. No one is immune to its effect.

As bleak as it might appear, it is not without hope. There is an easy, simple and cost effective way to maintain one’s wellness even in the face of such adversity. The cause of most of today’s historical levels of disease, obesity, the grim future of our youngest generation can be traced to a dual source – malnutrition and toxicity.

Our food has changed so drastically in the past half a century that illness and obesity is more the norm than the exception. Originally chemicals were developed to help make life better, simpler and safer. But now chemicals are doing just the opposite by posing an enormous health menace. Infection was the greatest threat to health in the last century. Today, it is disease from a toxic environment and malnutrition of the over fed.

As mentioned, there is a solution to prevent this illness and sickness. Eliminate toxins from the body and support proper nutrition through a clean diet and efficacious supplements. This simple solution is accomplish by changing what you eat, giving Mother Nature what she needs to do what she does best, protect and nurture. A body, given the right raw elements, will heal itself, boost its immune system and regulate its weight. It rebound with amazing consistency.

You can start right now, you must start right now! Learn what you can about transitioning to eating right.


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