A purse is much more than a means to carry around a wallet and your cell phone. A purse embodies a style and aura that directly reflects is owner. A Vintage purse is a timeless fashion accessory that can add a nostalgic appeal that remains unmatched by any other designer purse style.



Handbags have been around for a long time, thousands of years in fact. Originally they were just a drawstring satchel which was used to carry around medicines such as herbs, seeds or coins. They didn’t really become “women’s accessories” until the 1700s. It was a style conscious era and a woman’s clothing did not allow for pockets to carry their personal belongings around. Into the late 1700s women started to carry around small embroidered drawstring “reticules” as a means to carry around their perfumes, powders and hankies.

Through the 1800s and into the Victorian era these handbags became a feminine mainstay. They grew in size and were usually heavily embroidered and beaded, and were designed to match a woman’s outfit. By the early 1900s a woman rarely left home without a purse, and by WW2 these “handbags” grew shoulder straps which conveniently allowed her hands to be free while carrying the bag.

Today there are many styles of vintage purses, typically named after the era from which it’s a throwback to. An expensive genuine designer purse of today, has its own place in the market with their particular rich look and feel. They however, lack that exquisite nostalgic appeal that only a vintage purse can provide, and often at a much lower cost. A vintage purse is typically not subdued or plain, while being nowhere near as loud as a jazzy red handbag; it’s tastefully in between. It will speak of a prideful heritage of a bygone era, and will never be out of time. Whether choosing a Victorian, Edwardian, or perhaps an Art Nouveau era styling, a vintage purse will be a timeless fashion accessory that will tastefully compliment your own personal flair.


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