Amazon Echo Show 5 Smart Display With 5.5-Inch Screen, Alexa Support Launched in India, Priced at Rs. 8,999

Soon after the launch of the Amazon Echo Show in India, the global e-commerce and services giant has launched its Most Recent product, the Amazon Echo Show 5.

The newest member of the Echo line-up features a 5.5-inch 960×480-pixels screen, a 1-megapixel camera, and one full-range 1.65-inch speaker. The Echo Show 5 is an affordable option to the Rs. 22,999 Amazon Echo Show, which provides much of the exact same features and functionality as the high-end device. The Amazon Echo Show 5 is priced at Rs. 8,999 in India, and will begin sending on July 18.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 will be available in two colour options – white and black. The smart display-cum-speaker is a lot like the Rs. 22,999 Amazon Echo Show, enabling users to speak with Alexa, Amazon’s favorite voice-based AI assistant. The 5.5-inch touchscreen on the Echo Show 5 permits users to get visual cues to Alexa’s verbal responses – that is useful for functions such as lists, recipes, or even watching videos on the device.

Like other Echo apparatus with displays, the Amazon Echo Show 5 may be used to stream audio, place video calls, watch TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, control compatible smart devices, and more. The users can trigger a range of Alexa skills, which will let the Echo Show 5 be utilized for a number of functions.

The Echo Show 5 is powered with a MediaTek MT8163 chipset, and links to the Web using Wi-Fi. The speaker can also be Bluetooth-enabled to be a normal wireless speaker using compatible devices like tablets tablets, and computers. Interestingly, the Echo Show 5 addresses privacy issues with a button that controls a physical camera to the front camera, together with a button that turns off the mic as well. The users will also soon be able to delete voice recordings and any Amazon recordings of what has been stated with a simple command.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 would be the cheapest of the three Echo apparatus with a screen accessible India.


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