I thought creating my own e-book cover would be easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact I soon found out writing the book was the easy part. I visited every site and I watched every video on YouTube on how to create a cover, resulting in spending a fortune on software that became white elephants on my computer since I didn’t know how to use it.
In the end I was forced to pay a professional designer to create the e-book cover for me. When I got it back I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the completed product. Instead of a ‘thin’ cover like I ordered I got a ‘hard cover’. There was also too much detail on the front, but I was so relieved to have my cover at last that I left it at that.
Then the next hurdle showed up: how to integrate the e-book cover with my manuscript, which was written in MS Word. Again, after hours of fruitless searches on the Internet, I paid someone to unravel the secret for me, just to discover that the solution was right under my nose all along, a procedure I’ve done countless times before!
But despite all the money I lost at least the research was not in vain. I’ve just finished my second book, all by myself, and it has cost me a mere $5 to produce. I’m also proud to say it looks much better than the very expensive first one. As the saying goes: there’s no wiser teacher than experience and no better lessons to learn than those obtained from mistakes.
If you are in a similar situation of not knowing what to do or where to get help, rest assured: it’s not nearly as complicated as it may sound. Only those who want you to purchase their services or products will try to convince you otherwise. But nevertheless, it’s important to make sure that your book will be worth reading, thus becoming good seller. Choose a topic you are passionate about. Do research when in doubt. Check the spelling and grammar. Don’t make your book too long. Keep in mind that reading on the screen can literally be a pain in the neck!
If you are satisfied with your manuscript, you can go to a certain site where people will do a wide variety of stuff for $5. Type e-book covers in their search box and it will give you a list of potential designers for your e-book cover for only $5. After placing your order, they will ask you to provide all the detail you want to appear on the cover. Some of them will even assist you with choosing a suitable image if you don’t have one.
After receiving your completed cover, you will need to integrate it with your manuscript. Provided that you’re using MS Word, click insert on the tool bar, then picture and finally from file. Then upload your cover. Save it on your desk top for easy access.
Now the only task left doing is to convert your MS Word format to PDF format so that no one would be able to alter your book afterward. Just search for free PDF creators on the Internet, download and install the software. Then right-click on your e-book file on the desktop and choose Create PDF and bitmap files with PDF creator from the list of options. Follow the easy instructions. When finished there will be two versions of your book – MS Word as well as the PDF file. If the latter is not on your desktop, you will probably find it in your documents. Ready to sell!
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