Apple Shipped 43.8 Million iPhone Units in Q2 2019: IHS

Analyst group IHS has provided a slightly more positive estimate yet for the Amount of iPhones sold in Q2 2019.

This comes after Apple’s earnings call for Q2 2019, where the firm revealed that iPhone shipments were down 17 percent year-on-year. IHS estimated that Apple has sent 43.8 million iPhones in Q2 2019, which according to the analyst group is down 16 percent year-over-year from 52.2 million iPhones at Q2 2018.

The IHS estimate, reported by 9to5Mac, is higher than that of other analyst firms such as Canalys and IDC. Canalys estimated that Apple shipped 40.2 million iPhones, while IDC has estimated the number to become 36.4 million.

IHS estimated that Samsung sent 70.8 million smartphones in the exact same quarter, which will be a decline of nine percent. It stated Huawei shipped around 59.1 million smartphones during precisely the same period.

This isn’t the first time that iPhone shipments have declined and Apple has reiterated its commitment to services to make up for the shortfall. The company reported growth in revenue from wearables and providers . Apple CEO Tim Cook had said during the organization’s earnings forecast that price adjustments in China, reduced Chinese taxes on the iPhone, and also the trade-in program Apple offered let iPhone sales to begin recovering towards the end of the quarter.

Cook had also said that iPhone price corrections in India have begun delivering better outcomes. This mostly refers to the offer at which the iPhone XR was made available in India in Rs. 59,900, down from Rs. 76,900. Cook had said India is a tough marketplace in the brief term but is very important in the long term and Apple is still trying to open its own retail stores in the nation.


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