The UK Government have been talking about Green Agendas for a while.
Green, the colour linked to ‘recycling’. More and more of us are looking at how to become more energy efficient.
You should also be doing the same for your home business. Whether you are operating an online home business or an offline business,thinking green will generate a whole new world of leads and income for you.
Let’s look at why you should be thinking Green
It has taken you time to create your blog post, you’ve carefully applied your research to your post, you’ve given it great content and value, and now you want to promote it.
As I said previously thinking green is all becoming energy efficient,saving resource and the like.
Think about it! It’s hard work to promote a product or service if you have to do the following separately, create a Blog post, tweet about your product or services,, write an article, promote these on many sites, etc.
If you could just find a way to take one blog post, turn it into an article a squidoo page, a hub page, a video, a guest post, a press release, this is more energy efficient and takes up less of your time than you trying to do different posts about the same thing right?
So you get to work smarter not harder by applying your one post to different areas, just by adding or tweaking things.
Let’s look at ways you can now promote your post to get the most out of it
Why not think green and try to recycle this that’s right, ‘recycle’.
DO you think others would also be interested in this post that you have created?
Is there a niche market forum or list that you could post your article to?
SO there you have it recycling your blog post to get the most out of your time and effort. If you think this is useful,please share this post and leave me your comments.

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