Above all if you are trying to create a brand or reputation you must always be honest, so do not lie! In time you will realize that most of your blog’s readers are quite knowledgeable when it comes to the internet and how blogs work. This is especially true if you are serious about blogging for profit online.
On your blog, as well as any other website you run, it is always a good tactic to include a page for site terms and conditions of use. By doing this your blog’s readers will appreciate that you are getting money for some of these adverts that your blog is displaying. If you are blogging for profit then tell your readers and they will not think that you are trying to dishonest with them.
If you don’t do this your readers will easily know what’s going on when they suddenly see links out from your blog to other sites, especially if they are unrelated to your blog’s niche, and they will think that there is a good chance that these are paid links and you are making a profit from them. It is much better to say up front that you say you are blogging for profit and need the cash, and that your readers can expect to see these ads in the future too.
Also remember to carefully checkout the merchants whose adverts you will be running as they need to be the best. If you start showing ads for a flaky company or business then this could give you a bad reputation or ruin your brand image. The best strategy when blogging is to only recommend products that you have actually bought, used and genuinely find to be of good value for your readers.
And when it comes to adverts on your blog just take it easy. Please don’t put a lot of ads on your home page or any other page for that matter, as for one it will slow down how quick your blog is able to load, and secondly it will also lead to ad blindness with your readers and then all your ad banners will be totally ignored by everyone.
One of the main aims of business blogging is to create and then maintain a good relationship with your readers so they start to trust you and come back to read what you write. When you first started out blogging it was probably with your own personal blog and then there is a good chance that you commented frequently on other blogs that you found online and enjoyed.
You would have done this even though if they were not any help to your business at this time. You should always keep on doing this as you continue to blog for profit and you success improves. Building backlinks to your blog may not be so important when you start earning some money from your blog, but links are always valuable and so are any relationships you create by leaving good comments.
Always remember to keep the quality of your content as high as possible. Without doubt you will have had readers of your blog before you even started thinking about blogging for profit. And they will have stuck with you because of what you were writing and the fact they enjoyed your articles. So take note that if you switch focus and seemingly just start blogging about “make money online” topics they could quickly lose interest in your blog and your profits will disappear.
Finally when you are writing your blog posts stay on the topic of your niche or focus area. In addition always try and only display adverts and text ad links that are also on topic as they will then appeal more to your readers. This way your readers will continue to trust you and come back to read your blog and with luck buy from you again and again!

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