Nothing like feeling sexy and well dressed, with body and self-esteem valued up there. By following a few tips, you will know how to lengthen your silhouette, enhance your breasts, your hips and body to highlight the main features that give you that look that you like.

Fashion For All Tastes

For example, we all know that clothes with vertical stripes elongate the silhouette and favor a more long lineal and lean appearance, disguising overweight and promoting an improvement in the overall visual aspect. But the use of horizontal stripes reduces the silhouette and gives the impression of increasing the width of the user, being recommended for skinny people who want to give a more to their silhouettes.

If you have small breasts and want to appear larger volume, ruffles and use lighter colors in necklines that your breasts look more bulky and tired. Likewise, if your breasts are very large, you should opt for plain necklines and darker clothes to achieve the opposite effect to the former.

Small breasts can also be evaluated on the type collar shirts and a bra bald filling and ruffled gowns over the chest.
If you recently had children or you are with “that” protruding belly, avoid the use of minibuses, blouses that are just elastic tissue, low waist pants and too tight clothes.

If you have short legs, choose clothes cut above the knee and no fixtures or horizontal stripes. This will lengthen your legs and give the impression that you are taller. If this is your problem (legs too long) opts for the reverse situation, with clothes cut below the knee, horizontal stripes and details.

Wide hips can be disguised with the abandonment of thick belts and shirts with ruffled effect at the waist. Prefer the high-waisted pants, polo shirt, colored shirts and heavy shoes (like boots), that serve to highlight other parts of your body and bring greater harmony to the silhouette.

Colored collars, shiny earrings, hair accessories and anything that will “pull” others look up makes your silhouette appear taller. Monochrome or the top of the colorful clothing in lighter tones also cause this effect. Similarly, details on clothing as rows of buttons, necklines “V”, used coats and scarves open loose along the torso also lengthen the silhouette, and give an impression of greater height.

Little tricks that can enhance your silhouette and very cause that looks nice and flashy without being exaggerated. Just little creativity and common sense in time to use the fashion tips.


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