In these days you need a professional gaming headphone while chatting during gameplay. So, the quality of recorded audio by headphones should be loud and clear. In this article, you are going to read the maximum details of 2 gaming headphones which is your pocket-friendly and best selling gaming headphones in the market.

All the gaming YouTubers and gamers are using the best gaming headphones. Most of them are not budget gaming headphones. But all gamers, especially from India would not invest such a big amount in their headphones. Even I do not prefer to buy a separate headphone for ps4, Xbox, pc, laptop, mobile. But the point is more important when you ager chatting with others during gaming and other is durability, audio quality, comfortability.

Let me introduce 2 Best Gaming Headphones for Gamers:

1. Cosmic Byte GS410

2. Cosmic Byte H1

These 2 gaming headphones are available at a cheap price in I bought 2 of them for me and my friend also. Especially I bought this gaming headphone for PUBG, Call of duty Mobile. Because, as a tech blogger personally I love to inspect all categories technical products myself and learn every single detail. So, today I decided to give you the best reviews and unboxing details.

Let me tell you about Cosmic Byte GS410 Gaming Headphone:

Cosmic Byte GS410 Unboxing Full Experienced Review Hindi

  • This is the 1st Gaming headphone I choose for me now for gaming. This headphone is available in, and I bought one for me. I love to play PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile Battle royal mode. So, chatting is very important to me and my friend also. In this headphone, you will get a single 3.5mm jack. This is most recommended for recording or voice chat. You don’t need to worry about sound quality, recorded audio, durability, comfortability for long time gameplay. You can easily hold it on your head and enjoy the gaming.
  • Best thing I notice this headphone has separate audio control switch which helps to off/on and control the volume level. This switch allows hiding all unwanted sound from others by putting off mic.

Built quality is plastic, as its price and lightweight headphone. Real thing headphones do not require high-quality material for great built quality. So, plastic is enough for design and all quality purpose for budget gaming headphone. 6 feet long wire quality is good enough for this budget-friendly gaming headphone.

Now Talks about Cosmic Byte H1 Gaming Headphone:

  • This is my 2nd choice of budget-friendly gaming headphone. But it was my 1st choice. Because of its wire. It has a nylon coated high-quality wire to make more durability to this headphone. Another thing it has the same 3.5mm single audio jack, which supports pc, mobile, Xbox, ps4 gaming consoles. Mic sound quality is really good.
  • I love its wire because it gives long life to this headphone. Most of the headphones were built with normal cord, but it has strong nylon coated protection out of the wire. The wire is too long like 6 feet +.
  • The built quality of this headphone is good, not great. Because it is lightweight and feels more comfortable during gaming for its padding quality.

Overall these 2 budget gaming headphones have different price, so it best for its low price range gaming headphone categories. Both headphones are tested by me and I am very happy to use them.

Thank you for reading my article, Hope you will buy your best gaming headphone from this 2 as I explained. So, goodbye and take care. I will bring more interesting and informative article for your help.


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