Let me tell you one thing at first, this article is not for you if you are not a PUBG lover. From who is going to play PUBG to whom already expert in PUBG and get a lot of chicken dinner, should read this article.

In this article what you will get?

We all know PUBG is available on PS4, PC, Android, iOS Devices. And special accessories for PUBG gaming also available in the market. As the title was Best Device and Tips for PUBG lovers, anyone can understand the motive of the writer/me. So, I am going to suggest so many best devices for you and tips I followed to get chicken dinner.

Now you can improve your skills and understand do you need some improvements or not. Main thing is the device you are using to play PUBG is perfect or not. Without wasting time let’s start.

Best Device for PUBG Lovers:

As we know PUBG is the only game we people love it and ever played it on our device. So, it is important to get successes in this PUBG game with chicken dinner.

People try to find the best weapons and gadgets after landing by a parasite. That time is very sensual for all players and makes them crease to try their best. So, this thing should look like a clear and high detailed on your device. Then it makes easy to find out all those things for you to get Chicken Dinner.

After that, your device needs more power and best color reproduction to determine any color difference what is going on in your game. So, your device should be most powered and has the best GPU.

 So, you need to have bigger screen Smartphone or tablet with best graphics memory unit, Random access memory, Fast Hard Drive.

I already figure out for you and find following device for you, and divide them in to 2 parts. One is  – budget friendly and second is – high budget device.

Budget Device for PUBG Gaming:

  • All budget devices are able to handle average color at high settings. But, it can produce more heat and battery drain due to maximum uses.

Budget Gaming Smartphone

High End Gaming Smartphone

High End Gaming Tablet

Hope you will Find You Best Device for PUBG gaming. As I promised to tell you all the secrets I followed in this game.

High End Gaming Tablet

Tips for PUBG Players:

Image result for Tips for PUBG Players:

At first, you have to know or you already aware about, no one can get success day by day without understanding. So, at first understand the game time, Skills, Weapons, area and more things to get success. You have to implement all of the tips what I am going mention for you. Let’s start:

Time: First thing I notice after a long time play PUBG, there is a huge difference in difficulty level. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. Some part of PUBG tournaments is happening in 1 or 2 days in a week. So, it can be caused to change the difficulty level of PUBG. So, as per my experience, a beginner should play in the nighttime after 12 A.M. to 6 A.M. in this morning time to get Chicken Dinner. Because that time generally lots of casual players are on the game, some of them don’t even know to fire or aiming. It helps to create a better profile and rank from begins.

Sills & Weapons: I am not going to huge talks about this point. But it matters you have or not. I mean guts. Yes, you can easily clear the game by your technical skill if you have guts. Skill is the main key to win. Weapons are mental support. Yes, I am right. Because several times I landed and found nothing except pan or saw an end of the game I win the Chicken dinner. Hope you understand. I think this is enough to encourage you to play a better way in PUBG.

Area: Most of the time people mistakenly chose or automatically chose an unknown place when noting can be found to pelage the game. That time become the real head for a player. But I never give up. I select run mode, deselect weapons to get fast and stand up. It is the faster way to run and the best thing is that you can reach your targeted place if you can find a car, bike, gips. Because most of the time after landing no one can own high profile guns or sniper, so it is easy to run blindly. I always go to the center and wait in some building to kill maximum people. In a small area, their several players are available with greater skills, weapons. Then is the vital time and heartbeats gone high? So, be patients and take a deep breath. Do not run and not to hide, wait and see even you are outside of the ring. Most of the player does not understand and die in the ring. Remember a player from outside can be a win, if he/she is alive after kills the entire players who were inside the ring. Do not stand-up and run, hide in the grass to get maximum chance to live if there are no house or buildings near you. Sniper holders are tried to take place in those buildings to kill you. Try to collect many bombs before the final match.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you love this and hopefully it works for you. I follow all of them and get higher rank even I never kill more than 5 people in a match.

Some the experience will be changing day by day cause like you some other people will follow these tips and randomly win. Wait for the next article and till then goodbye.


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