Black Mirror Season 5 Delayed Because of Bandersnatch

The capacity to select the destiny of the protagonist’Stefan’, by making active decisions throughout the episode was rather groundbreaking for a mainstream TV series. But it seems like this was a one-off, because the season 5 of Black Mirror is not any where near discharge. The funny part is that Bandersnatch is to blame for this. Additionally the show seems to be headed in a more positive leadership in the coming season.
Based on The Hollywood Reporter, the series executive producer and co-creator Annabel Jones has confirmed the’enormous’ attempt and creative time which went to the creation of Bandersnatchended up pushing back the fifth period of Black Mirror.

No confirmation was given by either Black Mirror’s manufacturers or Netflix about when exactly in 2019 we’ll get to see the next season of the sequence. Previously the series has been published close to a year apart with Season 3 releasing in October 2016 and Season 4 at December 2017. Though Bandersnatch does follow this deadline, it is uncertain how long we are going to have to wait for the remainder of the season. It’s also unclear how many episodes will be there in the coming season, because Black Mirror had moved out of a 3-episode season to a 6-episode season in 2017.

Moreover, when Black Mirror yields it might have a small change in mindset. New York Times quoted string co-producer Charlie Brooker admitting”We are doing more optimistic episodes and stories, instead of just dystopian and unwanted ones,”. Considering the paranoia around tech nowadays, this might only be refreshing.

It’s also worth noting that though Bandersnatch has implemented interactivity really well, it wasn’t the first Netflix series to do so. That would be’Puss in Novel: Trapped within an Epic Tale’.


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