1. Your Blog Topic.
This is very important as you want both your blog topic and your blog content to be of value to your readers. My advice to you would be to write about something you already know about, this way you will come across as an expert therefore gaining the trust of your readers quite quickly; do this and they will be putty in your hands. If you feel you don’t know enough about one particular topic to write about then research is key. You need good blog content to keep your readers keen so type your topic into Google and look for content then copy and paste any potential blog content into your notepad. That’s the easy part, you then have to scramble all of this juicy blog content up, rewrite it and make it your own. If you still can’t do it then get someone else to do it for you.
2. Your Blog Title.
It’s all well and good writing the perfect blog with the perfectblog content but whats the point if nobody reads it? You need an edgy title that will almost hypnotise readers into reading your blog. Imagination is key here otherwise you may as well not bother.
3. Your First Line.
Again as with your blog title this must be eye catching to your readers otherwise they won’t continue reading after the first line. Make it inviting, excite them enough so that they can’t resist reading the rest of your blog content.
4. Make Your Blog Matter.
Make sure you get your point across, by this I mean what is the point of having a great title? What is the point of having an explosive opening line? both of these are a must for your blog but if your blog hasn’t got a point to it then your potential readers will see no point in it.
5. Make Your Readers Take Action.
In order to make a deeper connection with your readers your blog content must have the WOW factor. Your blog must contain all of the above and more…There are millions of blogs all over the internet so you need to make your blog stand out from the rest. The best way to do this is to offer value to your readers by way of your blog content, for instance if you have a link in your blog to a particular product then you must entice your readers by way of your blog content to make them take action so they click on your link.


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