More and more people are getting into blogging. Whether it is for personal or business reasons millions of people see blogging as their gateway to the world. It is easy to see why. With blogs you can instantly inform, educate and inspire people in every corner of the globe. A good solid blog education therefore is essential for anyone starting out.
Having a successful blog is not so hard. But it does require some thought from the outset. Below are 7 tips to kick-start your blog education to help your blog setup.
1) Be sure about the purpose of your blog. Choose a niche you are interested and passionate about. You’ll find it much easier.
2) When choosing your blog platform and theme do not over elaborate. Stick to the ‘Keep It Short and Simple’ principle. Check out the look and feel of other blogs in your niche first. This is an essential step in your blog education.
3) While blog setup and maintenance is not hard make sure your blog education keeps evolving over time. There are many ways to keep improving on a blog so keep searching around for functionality. Learn about WordPress and how plugins can help drive traffic to your blog.
4) Put yourself in the shoes of your reader. Post regular quality and unique content. Do not be afraid to offer your opinion but all the time respect your visitors thoughts and ideas.
5) Create ways to inform the world about your blog. There are various ways to do this, through social bookmarking and article marketing, for example. There is no point in having a blog that is hidden out of site.
6) Make sure your blog education includes search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is not rocket science but will become part of your regular blog education. Good SEO will make sure people like Google and Yahoo find you when someone types in a search term related to your niche.
7) Have fun with it! Create ways for people to interact – through comments, surveys, polls or competitions. If you have fun in your blog the likelihood is that your visitors will enjoy reading your content, watching your videos and interacting with yourself and other visitors.
A good solid blog education takes time. While the mechanics of blog setup are quite straightforward these days, the evolution of your blog should be seen as a long-term project

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