When you are creating a blog to advertise a product or a service, you need some tools to add more possibilities for your blog to be found on the Internet via search engines. Sure, you can tell a few friends and hoping for the word of mouth, but is that enough to succeed?
As a marketer, you created a blog to earn money. It is important then that your blog is found by as many people as possible, but it is also important that, while looking for visitors, you offer a good blog.
Offering a good blog is not only for visitors, but also for search engines. They have rules and if you do something that does not comply with their rules, your blog could, simply, not be listed.
Because no one knows all the search engines rules by heart, you will need some help to protect yourself doing something wrong without knowing it. Here is a small list of plug-ins that will help you:
CBNET Ping Optimizer: will protect you against possible spamming if you make lots of updates the same day.
Broken Link Checker: The name says it, it finds broken links. Search engines do not appreciate broken links so it is a good thing to know if you have one or more and be able to repair or delete them.
Conditional CAPTCHA for WordPress: To protect you against people using software to make comments. This plug-in will ask to type a simple captcha to confirm it is a real person that put the comment and not a software.
Fast Secure Contact Form: People might need to contact you. This plug-in will ask a captcha text to confirm it is a real person that is contacting you.
To let people know you exist:
All In One SEO Pack or Platinum SEO: These are plug-ins in contact with search engines. They help you tell search engines you exist and tell them what you want them to index when visited by spiders.
Better Blogroll: One thing that search engines appreciate is when they find blog that do not hesitate to suggest other related sites for more information for the visitors. It is good for the long term, you should not see any difference at the beginning, but might help you stay in a good ranking position when reached.
Google XML: Everyone knows that GoogleaA�A�aA�A? is the biggest and you need it to succeed. Though, it is important to tell GoogleaA�A�aA�A? you have a blog.
SEO Smart Links: It provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.
SexyBookmarks (by Shareaholic): This plug-in adds a (X)HTML compliant list of social bookmarking icons to each of your posts. This is when someone wants to share your post(s) with their friends.
Very recommended if you have lots of posts, pages and/or information:
Online Backup for WordPress: It will automatically backup your WordPress database on a configurable schedule, and can send the backup compressed (and optionally encrypted using DES or AES) to our online vault where you can later retrieve it. Backups can also be emailed to you, and even produced on-demand and downloaded straight to your computer. You can view the current status and change any settings at “Tools -> Online Backup”, or by clicking the “View Status” link to the left.
Redirection: This is a cool plug-in that enables you to change your affiliate link to something more ”convenient”. Affiliate links are usually long. You can use short links software, but that does not look professional.
Instead of using or , you will use your own domain name: It looks better and is very appreciated by emails reader.
Not to say that people, even if they are redirected to the affiliate site, have the time to see your domain name.
These plug-ins are free to use, just log in your blog admin area, click plugins/addnew and type the name of the plug-in, click search, install and activate.
Do not forget to add good content and do not forget to add rel=”nofollow” in front of all your affiliate links to tell search engine not to index them. Search engines do not like pages with too many affiliate links.
These plug-ins are only a few among thousands, but they are important to add to your blog. Put all chances on your side, plug-ins are there to be used and they are helpful. Success never comes by itself, you have some work to do.

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