1. Latest issues in your chosen niche. Start your day by reading relevant RSS feeds so you’ll keep yourself updated on the latest news about your chosen niche. Ensure that you’ll be the first to write about them as this will surely lead to instant recognition. Do extensive research and understand the issues well. You would want to be able to offer your readers with in-depth and complete information.
2. Problems of your readers. You’ll easily be able to attract more attention if you talk about the pressing issues being faced by your target audience. Are they having problems with their pregnancy? Are they struggling to fix their computer problems? Or are they having a hard time booking the best accommodation where they would like to travel? Discuss their problems in details and tell them the best way to remedy these issues. If you do this, you will not have a hard time convincing these people that you’re truly an expert and that they can trust you.
3. Burning questions of your readers. Go to forums and relevant blogs that are usually visited by your target audience. List down all their questions that are related to the theme of your blog. Then, compile and write about them. Of course, you will need to offer these people with the best answers afterwards.
4. Insider tips and trade secrets. Online users simply love it when experts are sharing their in-depth knowledge. So, don’t be afraid to spill out what you know. This is the fastest way to impress your readers and get them to recommend your blog to all the people they know.

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