As discussed in my previous article Blog Traffic – Introduction to Video Marketing using videos to market your blog is a highly effective way to build readership, revenue and establish a powerful online brand.
Just imagine being able to personally welcome visitors to your blog and guide them through your content so that they spend more time on your blog, return again and again and generate revenue buy clicking on your affiliate adverts or Google AdSense promotions.
Well by harnessing the power of video that’s exactly what you can do.
You can use videos in a number of ways:
Sales Pitches,

Welcome messages,

How to guides and tutorial,

Teaser content,

Video articles,
I will talk about these in more detail and how to use them to generate traffic in a upcoming articles.
The trouble is that most blog owners struggle with the technical side of creating high quality videos. There are a number of programs you can use to record videos both paid and free, how to edit videos, how to enhance the quality by adding professional effects and backing tracks, or even how to create scripts or motions that guide viewers from one frame to another, retaining their attention throughout the video.
The good news is that even with no experience in creating videos there are tools and resources you can use to create high quality interactive videos in a very short time.
If you look at your computer I bet that you already have video production software bundled as part of the standard setup, for example Windows Movie Maker, but if you want to really create high quality videos then you will need to consider purchasing a industry grade video program that can do screen capture, video editing and production.
These programs will help you to add functionality to your videos while making it easy to integrate sound (narrative, backing tracks etc) as well as highlighting important notes and flexible editing.
It is important to remember that you don’t have to be Stephen Spielberg and produce a 2 hour movie. A simple 3 minute video can create a good steady stream of log term traffic to your blog. Start off by creating simple short videos and see how effective they are, make a few different styles of presentation to see what works the best.
Once you understand what works well in your niche then you can go on to create longer more in-depth videos as you are already confidant in knowing what your audience is looking for.

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