Content is the king on the internet. If content is so important, that means many people will love it. How to use good content as bait to attract traffic to your blog and not to use any other tactics? Use the following 4 underground strategies to start your blog marketing effort today.
Strategy 1: Write good quality articles most of the time.
Keep in mind you need to publish good quality content as your main priority. Your blog need to be published with most of it all the time. The sidebar must have many internal links pointed to these good quality contents so your web visitor can find them easily.
Strategy 2: Be people driven.
Be helpful. Write to help! Your job is to explain, to review and to define things. Do not complain about other bloggers’ posts in your blog post and do not to give the reader blatant ads for you to make money. In blogging, your business is to serve your readers.
Strategy 3: Do not be product driven.
Avoid selling but do selling without selling. How? Explain benefits as many as you can write but don’t mention about price even once. The first 5 paragraph of your blog article should used to explain benefits, not highlighting features. This is how you use good contents to attract traffic. People will trust you. They will come over and over again to your blog.
Strategy 4: Use Google Feedburner to attract traffic using its Optimize setting.
Do not produce full feed because people will have no reason to open your blog, Shorten your feeds and optimize them using free tool called Google Feedburner. Go the Optimize setting and use their Summary Burner. When you wrote a good title, tease them by telling them to read the full post only on your blog. You got thousands of loyal readers goes into your blog to read the full posts, in return adding high number to your traffic statistic.


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