If you’re a college student or you’re just a retired worker or if you’re just someone with a lot of time on their hands then you can start earning income from submitting your content to major internet blogging sites such as Squidoo, HubPages, blogger and offers their members to blog for them.
What makes blogging so exciting is that after the author has published his writings, viewers can add their comments to the blog, turning it into a interactive forum. Whether you were the person that wrote the blog or someone who enjoys giving opinions or giving critics to blogs, Then this is a great way to gain exposure to direct traffic to your respective website.
Once you have your blog all set up, You can start writing about anything that interests you, Once you start broadening your presence in your niche, Then you can start selling ad space on your blog. You can put income producing banners and links such as AdSense and affiliate program. Most blog websites are free to use so any income that you do generate is yours to keep.
Publishers are advised to write a blog related to his or her favorite hobbies or topics, You can become an expert in your niche. So make sure when your are writing a post that you do extensive research before hand, So that your entries are consumed with facts to back up. Keep your readers coming back for more of your stuff by sharing your expertise on what interests you the most.
Readers can also subscribe to your blog and this is a great tool that can be used to bring residual traffic back to your content. It can also build you a list that can be marketed to over time. Broadcasting your blog via twitter and Facebook is also a great way to increase your blog’s audience count and blog exposure, If your content is fresh and enriching then many people will share links they’ll also be talking about your content,In turn brings traffic to your blog.
Running several blogs on the net is another way for you to leverage traffic that is following your content. Your Web Presence will increase significantly, So if you use blogging on a consistent basis, then you can increase your traffic and generate revenue.

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