People used to blog for fun and for social interaction, but these days people blog for money, too. It’s not just through direct sales or AdSense. There are other ways like generating leads for your online enterprise (or someone else’s for that matter), affiliate marketing, and signing people up for subscriptions for site newsletters.
The most common and most profitable use of your blog is lead generation. To “generate a lead” means that you will try to find someone interested in a particular product or a service that you can provide or find another provider for. This can be as easy as having the potential lead fill out a web-based form, usually for free. The data collected from these forms would then give you the opportunity for negotiations or be forwarded to an interested party for a fee. The amount can be anywhere from $3 to$12. In case the potential lead pays out or signs up with the provider, especially in the mortgage and refinancing industry, you could be looking at a commission of up to several thousands of dollars. Lead generation isn’t also just for finding consumers or clients, you could also prospect for business recruits or suppliers and producers.
The next method is affiliate marketing. Affiliating means that you will link up with another website and help sell their products or their affiliate’s website in your blog. You have to act as an agent and only make money if you actually close a deal or a sale. On the high side of this scale, you can earn up to 75% of the sale price if you sell from information peddlers like Click Bank or Commission Junction. If you opt to sell more tangible things from Link Share retailers, (Walmart, Bloomingdales), the commission drops down to 7-15%. This, however, is not multi-level marketing. The long and short of it is that if you are in MLM, you are likely part of a network that has uplines and downlines. Affiliate marketing is more like a lateral attachment.
The last option mentioned is to sell your blog directly by getting people to subscribe to your page. You can do this by offering an opt-in page or “squeeze page” where they can sign up for a trial subscription. The success of this venture depends entirely on how good your blog is written, how interesting your topics are, and of course how good you can promote your blog site.
In the topic of promotions, you can also use your blog to promote other people’s site by selling advertising space on your site or selling memberships to sites that will let members use server-side tools.

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