For new to internet marketing, creating an online business – blogging for profit seems to be very difficult because they don’t have any background information or idea regarding this matter. That’s why I want to share this information to you on how you can get started.
What is a blog?
A blog is a short term for weblog. It is a type of website that can easily be manage by one or more person. Its content is published chronologically that you can also post images and videos.
Why you should have a blog?
If you love engaging with other people, blogging is one of the best ways to connect with them and also share your thoughts with them. This is what a personal blog looks like.
Of course, you can also treat your blog as a business where you can also monetize it sooner or later via helping other people first through sharing valuable information that would really benefit them.
How to create a blog?
There are two types of blogs, the self-hosted blog and the free-hosted blog. These two type of blogs differ on its features but for starters, I would recommend to use the free hosted blog using Blogger/Blogspot blogging platform because it’s risk-free.
Blogger platform is very popular among new bloggers because not just because its free to use, it is also very easy to manage. It is also owned by Google company and they gave many useful features that would benefit to all its users. Another thing is that, there’s no product promotion restriction and that you can paste banner advertisements in your blog’s free space.
To start with, go to their website at and create an account there. Or you can follow some video tutorials on YouTube via searching this term “how to create a Blogger blog”.
After creating a blog.
I believe that what ever topic you want to discuss or share in your blog, you can monetize it later. For now, just think of an idea or topic that you love that you can also share and you think that it will benefit to your future readers. And from that, be consistent on posting your articles for at least 3 – 7 times a week or you can post a daily basis.
After publishing a blog post.
After hitting the publish button, you will do some marketing to promote your new article so that other people can also read your post.
To do that, you can start sharing to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Friendster and any other sites that you can engage to other people and make friends with them.
Then, do also some blog hopping to post some comments on that blog so that you can be recognized by other bloggers. Make sure that you choose those blogs that are related to your topic so they can also relate to your topic.
Monetizing your blog.
After that your blog starts generating traffic or visits, you can now monetize it via using Google AdSense. Google AdSense will pay you if someone click on the ads from your blog. Your earnings depends on how much traffic or visitors daily you have. So make sure you do more posting and marketing to earn more.
If you don’t have an account with Google AdSense, go to their website and create an account:
Aside from monetizing using AdSense, you can also promote related products from ClickBank or Amazon. This way, they may like to buy those products you promote and earn money as an affiliate. This is called affiliate marketing where most bloggers earned much money from it and get millions of dollars for their success.
Don’t do any other monetization methods yet because it will only confuse your blogging routine. Just do more focus on creating more valuable content and market it right away.
Tips to get more traffic.
Getting traffic might difficult or boring at first but you can manage it in the future. To begin with, build a network of friends using social media like Facebook and Twitter. Make more engagement or conversation to them. After they knew who you are, you can invite them to visit your blog. And encourage them to post a comment on your post.
Tips and Conclusions.
The key to success in blogging for profit is building your credibility in the topic you’ve shared to your readers. If your topic is common, you can share it in a rare way that your readers not get bored of reading your post.
This way, you can generate more traffic because they love what you are sharing and also they benefited from the information that you’ve share. In the end, you must not stop writing articles then market it right away because traffic is the blood of your blog.
Note: Don’t click your own AdSense ads, or your account would be terminated if you do so.

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