Blogs are growing in popularity. Everyday more blogs are created on the internet. They are a great way for anyone to share their personal thoughts and ideas. They are like a public diary, open for the whole world to read.
Blogs are international. They represent the whole spectrum of cultures, races and ideologies. If you have specific interests, a blog is a great way of forming a community online, with contributions and ideas from many who share your interests.
Blogs are very interactive. Readers can leave messages and dialogue with others. This fosters a spirit of comradeship and knowledge.
So Easy to Set up
The big attraction about blogs is that they are so easy for newbies to set up. And once set up, it is even easier to change content whenever one likes.
Makes Generating Traffic easier
The search engines love blogs. They are keyword rich and usually full of interesting information.
Blogs are Easily adaptable
You can include pictures, audio, video, graphs etc.
People Power
Anyone can publish a blog. You don’t have to be at the mercy of a publisher or an editor who will decide whether your contribution is suitable for publication. YOU decide whether to publish or not.
Some little known people have grown a solid following with their blog. Some are even able to sell products on their blog.
Almost everyone has a blog these days. From politicians to teenagers. Everyone seems to want a piece of the pie. It’s no wonder. Blogs are an easily accessible way for all of us to have a presence on the internet.


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