Writing a blog takes a lot of time and patience especially when you are starting from scratch. It’s hard to write when you feel like nobody is listening and that can quickly burn you out. How do you continue to write in your blog without ruining what you could have because of your loss of passion?
Find what you’re good at and stick with it, that’s what people would tell me when I started writing but then as I wrote, I realized that writing only what you’re good at causes you to lose out on a lot of great possibilities. For example, growth of knowledge is important in the writing world. While you could make an income from a singular way of writing, how do you know that way is the only way for you until you try something else?
Writing takes practice just like everything else and blogging is just like writing. Blogging is a specific way of writing and sometimes the label, blogger, is used to describe a journalist that writes for a blog or two other than their freelance work. That doesn’t mean that they’re not qualified to be writers because that is far from false. There are many great writers that do blogging and many bloggers that are great writers. Just because you’re a blogger doesn’t mean you’re a great writer but some writers start there.
Discovering what type of blogging you want to do is important too. If you’re going to be writing about news, that’s something you could revolve your blog around or if you want to write about gardening. You have to start somewhere and not all great blogs started in the niche they are well known for. Finding a niche doesn’t have to happen right away but as you have found your niche, you can stray from it sometimes.
It’s more likely you’ll find that if you stick with a particular niche, you will attract a particular group of people but not other people that are not interested in that particular niche. Search within yourself, find what you want to write about, and throw it at us. There’s no right or wrong way to start a blog but there is a right and wrong way to maintain a blog.
Not everybody has the patience to read long posts and some people are picky about how long they’ll spend on a page so remember to try to keep your blog posts between 250 and 500 words. If you want to go over, that’s fine too but remember not everybody will stay and read. You’ll lose potential audience and we don’t want that now do we! Be sure to check your grammar and punctuation, nothing peeves me more than seeing words misspelled and grammatical errors that are painfully obvious.

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I am 28 years married man who tries to enjoy own life.I love to take seriously health and relationship.I also love to write a blog for my readers to give them my idea. Another part of my life is technology which is very important in my life and enjoy the technical world.


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