Starting a blog is almost compulsory nowadays. It enables you to share newsworthy information with your audience, thereby establishing yourself as an authoritative source on the internet and helping you expand the potential of your own profitability. So what are the blogging secrets? How do you get readers and keep them? Let’s find out!
1. Post As Regular as Clockwork…
All good bloggers know that to keep current readers and to get more new readers, it pays to post regularly. Submitting a new post twice a week or even once every two weeks will ensure that your readers get used to your rhythm and know when to expect something new. You don’t have to produce a masterpiece every single time but whether you aim to entertain or educate, it does pay to keep your posts interesting.
2. Content
Content reigns king on the internet, and as such it helps to ensure that your posts are filled with gripping stuff to add to the reading experience of your readers. Now of course, there’s not always that much new information drifting around, which means that you’ll have to do quite a bit of research across various fields and implement it in your own to ensure that your readers are still exposed to relative new information.
3. Exciting
Pictures, videos and general media that doesn’t involve reading – these form perhaps some of the most powerful blogging secrets out there as they incorporate audio and visual elements into one post. Don’t use too many too often, but giving people something to look at or to listen to is never a bad idea – especially if it is relevant to your current post.

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