You’ve just started a blog. You have a little traffic, but no one is signing up to your blog’s newsfeed. You’d like to gain loyal readers who return to your blog again and again. How do you make your blog a must-read, and build an audience of loyal readers?
People read blogs to be entertained and to be informed. They love to get the latest news on a topic in which they’re interested. If you’re a news junkie like I am, you probably have a couple of blogs that you visit at least once a day, if not twice.
This gives you a clue on what you need to provide your blog’s visitors so that they turn into loyal readers — share the news in your industry.
Start by setting up a Google Alert on your topic so that you can collect the news. There’s fresh news each day in just about every area. You could set up additional Google Alerts for those companies and individuals who are prominent in your industry.
Create a list of website addresses for companies in your industry, and check several times a month to see what new products they’re promoting. If a company has a blog, subscribe to their newsfeed.
Setting up a community around your blog also helps to win loyal readers.
Encourage readers to post comments by asking for their opinions. You’ll find that you get the most comments if you’re somewhat controversial. This won’t work for every blog of course. If you court controversy in an area like health care, you’ll lose your credibility.
Spend some time thinking about your ideal reader, and what this person would like to read on your blog. Read other blogs too, both blogs which cover the same area you do, and blogs which are wildly different.
Remember that people read blogs to be either entertained or informed, and try to do a little bit of both in each blog post that you create.
It takes time to build a readership. Every blogger started where you are now. They built their readership by caring, and you can too.

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