So you’ve got a new blog and want to get started posting. Read on for a basic introduction to your WordPress editor.
First of all, you want to get rid of “Hello World!”
You have two options: Either delete it and start a new post, or edit it and replace what’s there with what you want to say.
When you look at the blog post you’re currently working on, you’ll see that you have a title at the top, and space to type your post underneath. In between the two, you have a set on icons.
If you look on the right hand side of that list of icons, you’ll see that you have a choice of two editors. There is what’s called a WYSIWYG editor. This is a What You See Is What You Get editor. And then there is an HTML editor. You’ll need that to insert custom HTML, but you won’t HAVE to do that if you don’t want to.
In fact, for the most part, you probably want to use the WYSIWYG editor. You can do a lot with that editor, including bolding your text and inserting links and images.
So why would anyone even want to use the HTML editor. Well, it can come in very handy.
I tend to use it quite a lot, because I put in a quite a bit of HTML.
For example, I like to have my links open to a new page, as opposed to just have them open on the page the reader is on.
That’s because I don’t want them to move away from my blog. I want them to come back. They’re welcome to go to wherever I send them, but I want them to be able to get back to my blog.
And if the new website opens in the same window, they may never do that, because they lose my website. But if the new website opens in a different browser window, they’ll be right back on my blog the moment they close the website.
Even if they move on to do other stuff, sooner or later they’ll find my blog again because that open window will still be there on their desktop.
Generally, though, your regular WYSIWYG editor will fit the bill. The most important part is that you keep posting. That will keep your visitors interested, and it will make Google happy too.

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