Business Owners: How to Build a Loyal Client Following to your Blog or Website
If you have ever wondered how to build an engaged, loyal following of clients that absolutely love you, this article is for you. How to use photographs, video blogging, Facebook and podcasts to build a loyal fan base.
Tips, Tricks and Methods into Practice – What works, and what doesn’t work
Photographs and videos on your website are an excellent method of which to grab the attention of your visitors. Personal photographs and videos help to build a relationship with your audience. People like to connect with people. They want to know who is writing the words that they are reading. Some sites have tons of content and brand new visitors do not know where to start, but by personalizing your site and welcoming new visitors, you help solve this problem. Beyond your blog, you can connect with people using social media. Share personal facts, even if they have nothing to do with your website or blog content, you will connect with your visitors by getting personal. Photographs on a Facebook page, such as a personal photograph with you in a personal situation, help visitors to grasp who you are and what you are about. This helps your brand to stand out, look more professional, and become more authoritative.
Three Components to Convey your Theme to Visitors:
1. Podcast audios for people who like to listen (created with Garage band editor, for example)
2. Videos for your YouTube channel for people who like to watch content
3. Blogs for people who like to read articles
Videos to Build your Brand
YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world and can generate a lot of traffic for your brand. Whenever someone has a question and it makes sense to answer that question in a video, make that topic into a YouTube video. If you do not like to put your face on videos (many people are shy that way), you can create a video using Screen Flow. As time progresses, by putting your face on your videos you will learn that those videos are more successful because people like to see faces. Keyword rich videos are important. In other words, the titles of the videos, the description of the videos and the tags of the videos should be carefully crafted to optimize the video for your specific keywords. This makes your videos more easily found by people interested in your topic.
What is Screen Flow?
Screen flow is a piece of software for the Mac which allows you to record what is on your screen and record the video of the presenter using the camera on the Mac. If you are a Windows user, Camtasia is an alternative that works both on Windows and Mac.
Facebook-How to Gain a Following to your Facebook Page
Facebook allows you to connect with your audience in a way that you can not through your website or blog. Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience. It is a great way to find out what your audience is interested in learning, and that is where you get ideas as to what type of content to create for your future videos, podcasts, or blogs. Facebook is a great platform for connecting in a personal way. Facebook is a also a great way for people to communicate. If you are someone that receives a ton of emails daily, encourage people that have a quick question to ask questions on your Facebook page because your community will answer those questions for you, and in some situations, those types of responses are more useful to the person that has proposed the question. To encourage your followers to answer your questions, randomly reward your followers that answer your questions. Showing your appreciation to your community will encourage participation.
Your Blog or Website as a Destination
Your blog or website should be your ultimate destination for visitors. Although social media is an excellent tool, the ultimate destination that will benefit your business the most is your website or blog. Post content to your website or blog three or four times every week. Lead by example and embrace your forte. Take processes that people talk about, put them into action and break them down for people. Explain what you did wrong and what you did right. People like the personal angle of this theme and you better connect with them by using this strategy. The more information you give away, the more you get back in return. Many people think they should keep what they have learned to themselves. They keep their ideas close to their vest. But by exposing your ideas, you get new ideas. The most successful publishers share their insight and get better ideas as a result of people coming back to them with their ideas. It is a win-win situation.
Email Marketing
You can encourage people to get on your email list by offering them a free e-book or some other free tip or gift. Maintaining an email list is a crucial marketing strategy for bloggers. Collecting an email list is a very important tool for connecting with your visitors. Always have a way to collect emails from people that visit your site. Email addresses are important because email is such a direct and personal way to communicate. Conversely, by not collecting email addresses, it is an easy way to lose followers. By providing the best content that you can and not selling anything in your emails, you encourage more followers by providing value. It is a trust builder and a relationship builder. Ask for communication back from your email subscribers. Ask your subscribers what they want you to address in future blog posts, videos, or audio podcasts.
Audio Podcasting
Business owners have a huge reach and a large effect on their brand by offering podcasts on their blog or website. You can gain a massive audience and build authority with podcasts. Conduct surveys on your blog or website and you will confirm that the first way people learn about important business ideas are through podcasts. People can listen to them remotely and find your podcasts in iTunes. In each podcast episode, use ‘show notes’ by reminding people of your URL or links that help your listeners find answers to questions you discussed in the podcasts. Train your listeners about how to get to your blog. Pretty links are really clean re-directs that allow you to redirect visitors to a certain portion of your site. For example, if you want to drive people to a certain part of your site, use pretty links and provide a short URL that you can use in your podcast that people can use to get to the page on your site that is relevant. Or, you can register a new domain name and simply use it to re-direct it to a page or area within your site. Always use a 301 redirect. Make the redirect or domain name short and easy for listeners to remember. Mention that in your podcast and tell them that they will be re-directed to the location that is relevant to your podcast. Provide a call-to-action in your podcast and podcast about two times a month. A podcast will become a blog post. Basically a podcast is a blog post. A blog post with extra notes and a podcast will work in both directions. People will discover your blog because of the podcast and people will discover the podcasts as a result of your blog.
Be Everywhere Strategy
Blog, podcast, and create YouTube videos. You do not necessarily need to do everything everywhere, and you don’t need to do additional work, but instead you are replacing your blog with another form of content. These parts all work together and are in tandem. It is not a huge amount of additional work, but it is huge in terms of additional benefits for your brand.
Final Tips-Build a Loyal Following to your Website or Blog
Be on multiple platforms, not just in one place. Put yourself out there where the people are and give people multiple opportunities to find you. Not everyone likes to read so for those people, offer podcasts and YouTube videos. Some people like to listen and podcasts are very popular for those people. Videos are great for people that like to watch. Be friendly. Don’t’ be fake and connect with people on a personal and deeper level using social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

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