Car Donations For Charity




Car Donations For Charity

Did you know that you could do a lot of good with car donations? Aside from the fact that you can help your favourite charity by donating your old car, you can also do yourself a big favour. When you sell your old cars to donate to the charity of your choice, you will also earn tax credits for yourself.

Anyone with an old, but still usable car can sell it and directly send the proceeds of the sale to the charity of his choice. The other, more convenient option, however, is to get in touch with a group that handles vehicle donations and let them take care of things from their end. In most cases, the vehicle will be towed directly from your home, and you won’t need to directly have a hand in the auction and donation process.

There are a wide variety of organizations that directly or indirectly benefit from vehicle donations all over the United States, ranging from animal rights and environmental protection groups, to facilities that provide care for terminally ill patients. You can opt to have the proceeds sent to a specific program or charity, or have the car donation organization choose which group needs the most assistance.

Organizations that accept car donations will issue a receipt which details the car’s make and model, and other relevant information. Once the car has been sold and auctioned, you will be notified of the sale amount, which you’ll need when you file your taxes. This information will be needed once you file for your tax exemptions.


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