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Change Your Hair Style

The fall is upon us. Everywhere you go there are smells of burning wood fires, piles of leaves in yards, and the like. For many of us the change of seasons brings out changes in all other areas of our lives; where we eat out, what kind of wine we drink, and even wardrobe makeovers. For some, it is a renewal, a chance to start over with a new look on life (this is especially true around new-year). With that in mind, i propose that we go one step further: change your physical appearance. It is proven that when a person alters their appearance, they alter the state of mind they are in, it is a natural occurrence that we as humans are blessed to have. One of the easiest and most astonishing ways to do this is by altering your hair style. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have short hair? A different colour of hair? What are your style fantasies? Pick one and try it! It will make for a relishing experience that will change your mind set in lee of the change in season. Your hair is the crown of your beauty, it’s time to spice things up and show it off this holiday season.

Here are the steps to change with the seasons. Follow them, and before you know it, your hair will have a brand new, sexy appeal that you might have never realized before!

Step #1. The first order of business is to make the decision that you want a hair makeover. This will be an exciting journey, especially if you have not changed your style in years like most.

Step #2. Select a trusted friend and persuade her to change with the seasons as well. This comradeship will boost your confidence and spawn new/creative ideas for the both of you.

Step #3. Brainstorm possible looks for each other. Get sketch pads, break out the irons, have a glass of wine and start being creative.

Step #4. Decide on what you absolutely cannot stand in a hairstyle. Ask your spouse what he thinks would not look good on you. It is crucial to not ask what looks good, this will cause a bias and a need to please attitude that will end up in a less creative design. Once you have decided what you do not like, you’re on the home stretch.

Step #5. What looks the best on you? After testing a few ideas, you will surely have a clear picture of what will look stunning. Chances are that you have several different options that fit.

Step #6. Now it is time to take your designs to a pro. Dedicate an afternoon and schedule an appointment with your stylist (if you don’t have a real pro, see the bottom of this article for ideas). Make sure to tell them that you are in need of a hair makeover and have some possible ideas to work with (this will get them into the creative thinking mode even before you arrive).

Step #7. Let your stylist go to town. Let them use their expert knowledge to iron out the rough details of your designs (they will look a lot better when a pro has control).

Step #8. Once you both have decided on a design that brings out your natural beauty, ask them to please instruct you as to how you can do it by yourself. Watch diligently, take mental notes. If you need a few hair products to keep your new du up to par, by all means treat yourself to the best.

Step #9. Flaunt your new style! It is time to show you off. Let the world see how beautiful you are. Relax; this is going to be fun. When someone asks about your new style, tell them why you did it, they will be intrigued.

The great thing about changing with the seasons is that there are four of them! You can repeat this process four times a year. Changing your style not only makes people think you are trendier, but also will give you a sense of keeping up with the world. Don’t burden yourself with a style for years that is just too boring.

Finding a stylist that you trust can be a task in and of itself. For those of you who are in my local area, i can personally point you to a fabulous stylist: his name is dominick pozzuoli (affectionately known as dom). He grew up and was trained in italy, and is now the owner/operator of d’avanti hair & beauty salon, located in the small village of scarsdale ny. Dom and his team of stylists are true masters who create a warm feeling that is nothing short of spectacular. If you are not in my immediate area, just start asking friends who they trust and use. Word of mouth is the best way of finding a great salon.

I would like to wish you all the best in you quest. I hope this article has helped you decide to take a chance, and make a change.

Good luck and happy creating!


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