Related imageBut their principal job is to shield your eyes from damaging sun rays and supply UV protection. Your fanciest pair of sunglasses may not provide you the right protection you will need to your eyes. Individuals often buy the incorrect pair of sunglasses and end up spending a large sum of money on them. Here is a list of myths associated with sunglasses you must know and tips on how to pick the perfect pair.
Not all sunglasses offer complete protection against UV rays. You must check the facts before purchasing, only purchase the ones which offer complete protection against UV rays. The level of UV protection can vary. Some sunglasses won’t provide UV protection at all.

The darker the color the greater the protection
This is a very common myth. People today have a tendency to feel that the darker shades provide better security. Darker tints will not automatically provide security; lighter shades such as gray, amber, and brown can also block damaging rays. Colours can also impact clarity so choose according to your requirements.

Only pricey sunglasses protect eyes

Some decent priced sunglasses can also protect our eyes. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy sunglasses. Sunglasses must have the appropriate lenses that could shield your eyes, perhaps not all the expensive sunglasses really are good.

Shades are only for looks
Sunglasses improve your personality statement for sure but that is just a bonus point which they offer.

You only need to wear sunglasses when it is sunny
You should wear sunglasses if you step out whether it is sunny or cloudy. Your eyes need protection against the sun throughout the year irrespective of any period as the sunlight in winter is equally as strong as in summers.

Sunglasses are Just for grown-ups
Even children require sunglasses. They spend more time out playing. Make your children wear sunglasses until they step out.

Factors to Remember before buying sunglasses

Assess for UV protection

UV radiations are harmful to skin but can damage your eyes too. Before buying sunglasses assess if they supply UV protection or not. Buy the ones which offer maximum UV protection.

Pick the right size

Your sunglasses should suit you nicely to get the utmost protection. Colours should pay for your eyes correctly.

Try polarized lenses

Polarized lenses might not provide complete protection from UV rays but they decrease the glare. When you’re going to the shore polarized lenses might be rather helpful. Wear them only if there is a lot of light to reduce the glare.

Choose the Right shade

It is not essential to buy dark shades. Pick the color according to your selection. Just check the degree of protection they supply despite the shade you pick.


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