During the hot months of summer, most people look forward to the cooler months of fall and winter. However, once those colder months arrive, children begin to get coughs, colds, the sniffles and sometimes the flu. This can definitely damper the season and bring us back down to reality.
Have you ever noticed how children tend to get sick right before a big event when they really need to be well? For instance, there are many people who plan winter weddings, meaning that the parents of the ring bearers and flower girls have the additional stress of making sure their kids are healthy and well on the big day. It’s true that little boys in boys’ tuxedos and girls in flower girl dresses are adorable, but they aren’t so cute if they’re sick. If you’ve ever been one of these parents, you know how difficult it can be to keep kids well during the winter right before a big event. The tips below should help.
1. Dress Warmly. The first thing parents should do when the weather begins to change is go through their kids’ closets and pull out their coats. Make sure their coats fit properly. If they don’t, then go out and buy one (or two) for your kids. It doesn’t matter if kids are going to school, church or a wedding – they should always be wearing a coat. Obviously, it would look a little odd taking your daughter to a wedding in her flower girl dress with a big bulky coat covering it. However, this doesn’t mean to make her do without…instead purchase a nice bolero jacket that compliments the dress she is wearing. It will keep her warm and look great too!
2. Wash Hands Regularly. In the eyes of children, there are just too many fun things to do throughout the day and washing hands isn’t one of them. Young children don’t know the importance of washing their hands regularly and naturally don’t want to take the time to do it. However, as a parent, you do know the importance and therefore you have a responsibility to your kids to make sure they are washing their hands regularly. Good old soap and water is one of the best preventions against wintertime colds, coughs, the flu and more!
3. Eat and Sleep Better. Finally, in order to ensure your little one is healthy and well for an upcoming event such as a wedding, christening, or pageant is to feed them healthier foods full of nutrients. Fruits, vegetables and leafy greens have many of the nutrients needed to help the body’s immune system ward off unwanted germs. Additionally, putting your kids to bed in time to ensure they get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night will keep the body strong and more resistant to winter sicknesses.


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