Computers have made many people’s lives much easier and faster. With computers, we can send messages and documents in a blink of an eye, and then we can have our reply as fast as the other person can type. Additionally, computers put multitudes of information at our fingertips. However, we are learning that hours at a computer can cause several different types of injuries that may result in lasting pain.

Computer-Related Injuries

First, most computer-related injuries are due to bad posture when using this device. Most people sit while using the computer, which typically leads to hunching of the shoulders and a constant downward bend to the neck. Staying in this position for long amounts of time can lead to joint stiffness as well as muscle soreness. Sitting can also cut off circulation to certain areas of the body, which can lead to painful sensations, especially in your lower body.

Next, staring at small objects on the computer screen has made many people complain of eyestrain. Your eyes have tiny muscles that focus your sight on your target, and by staring at the computer screen, these muscles can become tired and irritated. For some reason, the lighting of the computer screen can also cause eyestrain.

Also, holding your fingers up and typing can lead to repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. It can be difficult to achieve a comfortable angle for your wrists and arms, which can strain your nerves. As your inflamed wrists, fingers, or elbows swell, they can cause numbness, pain, and stiffness.

Lastly, there are also the unexpected computer injuries that are caused by defective products. For instance, computers, especially laptops, require cooling fans in order to keep the processors at the desired temperature. If you place a hot laptop on your actual lap, the hot surface of the computer can burn your legs even with the cooling fan running. These burns can cause blisters and even scars.

Additionally, some computers have been recalled for shock injuries. The plug itself can transmit painful jolts of electricity into your body, or even touching the computer itself can send you a burst of electricity. Thus, it is important for computer manufacturers to make sure that their products have any electrical components fully insulated.

If you have been injured by a defective computer, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you with your pain and suffering. To discuss your case, contact a Stevens Point product liability attorney from Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C., today.


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