It’s a highly common problem for computers to take 5+ minutes to load, especially if they are getting a little older. This problem is extremely annoying and often causes people to get new PCs or have to spend $100’s upgrading their current setup. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to fix this problem which hardly anyone knows about.

Computer Takes 5 Minutes to Load

The way to speed up a PC that is slow to boot is to remove the obstacles that make it slow. Every Windows PC can boot quickly – it’s just that certain problems and issues make the system load up slowly. There are many different possible problems which cause a computer to take a long time to load, but the most likely are that you either have too many programs that want to load at once, you have viruses on your system or you have settings that make your PC sluggish.

The first thing you need to do to fix your PC is to perform a virus scan. If you don’t already have a virus scanner, you can get these tools from numerous websites on the Internet and use them to quickly and easily find a lot of infected viruses on your PC. Viruses often make Windows load up slowly because they can corrupt or damage many of the essential files that your PC needs when it boots up. Performing a virus scan is pretty simple and if the scan cleans out 100+ errors, then it’s done a lot of good for your system.

There’s a simple way to fix this problem

After you’ve performed a virus scan, you need to prevent programs from loading at boot. To do this, press “Start” and then click on “Run”. This will bring up a small box where you can then type in the command “msconfig”. This will then bring up a small Window where you should then click on the “Startup” tab. This will show you a list of programs that load at boot – where you should scan through and untick the ones you don’t want to load with your computer. The less programs you have loading when your PC does, the faster it will be at booting.

Finally, the most beneficial trick you can use to boost the load time of your computer is to make sure that all its settings are in the right order and have good integrity. To do this, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’ program to scan through your system and fix any of the damaged settings that are inside it. The problem is that when Windows loads, it tends has to open 100’s of settings which tell it everything from what desktop background your PC has to what email address you are using. Unfortunately, many of these settings are prone to becoming damaged, which leads them to become unusable and increases the load time of your system. A registry cleaner will fix this for you.


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