Have you been frustrated when you have just received an important MS Word file in docx format only to realize that you have an older version of the program that will not open the file? You have probably received a Docx file from the latest version of the program. This format files are not backward compatible with older versions of the program. You’re not the only one facing this issue. There are various tools you can download to either convert the new format files to a doc file, or at least be able to open the file.
A simple way to do it for Windows users is to download a compatibility pack that will allow older versions of MS Word to support the files from the newer docx format. Yet another alternate for Windows users would be to install the MSOffice viewer from the Microsoft website for cases where you need to be able to view the docx file, but have not need to edit it.
For non-Microsoft users on any platform, many simple tools are available online that will do the conversion for you. Most of these tools convert the newer format document into the rtf format that is one of the more standard formats available in the word processing industry and is compatible with almost all word processing platforms. Once the docx file is converted into the rtf format, and is open on your word processing program, you can save it into any format desired. In most cases 95% or more of the original document formatting and look and feel can be maintained.
Mac users can have two options – either to use the Open XML converter in case a version of MS Word is installed on the computer, or to download a desktop widget from third party sources that will do the job of converting new format file to a doc file. A Novell platform specific solution is to use the Open Source Open Office software that is available free of cost. The Open XML tool built into the Novell based Open Office suite will allow users to convert the new format file into the old format file.

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