Coursera Says Machine Learning Most Subscribed by Indians in 2018

Owing to the growing demand for emerging Technologies experts, Machine Learning (ML) Has Been the Very subscribed subject by Indians on Coursera at 2018, the US-based online education company said on Wednesday.

Technology courses constituted 80 percent of the list of the 10 most well-known classes. Besides ML, Artificial Intelligence and Python programming were the other leading courses on the stage.

The listing reflects that learners selected the Coursera platform to satisfy career advancement, personal development or knowledge construction, the company said.

“Technology is playing a vital role and transforming how we work and hence it isn’t surprising to see technician courses dominating the list. With a goal to transform lifestyles, we strive to bring about classes to instruct the many in-demand skills,” said Raghav Gupta, Director – India and also Asia-Pacific, in a statement.

This indicates that more students throughout the country are choosing up online learning, driven by greater technological infrastructure, affordability and the growing acceptance and recognition of online certificates and degrees from companies.

“Indians place tremendous value in the ability of education and often perceive it as a way of economic and social mobility. The nation is sitting on an untapped goldmine – a demographic dividend in a otherwise aging globe,” Gupta explained.

“Though students from the metros constitute the major student pie, we see an increasing adoption from learners in tier 2 and 3 cities,” he added.

Coursera has 38 million registered students from throughout the world taking courses from 160 faculty and more than 20 business partners.

India stands as the second largest and fastest growing marketplace for Coursera, with over 3.7 million learners, where an extra 75,000 students are added every month.


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