Dish TV's New Multi-TV Policy to Offer Rs. 50 as NCF Charge for Second Connection

Together with the recent Developments from TRAI, DTH operators have been Presenting new Strategies to Assist subscribers get optimum price package in Station selection.

Dish TV has introduced a new multi-TV policy, and has announced that the secondary link will simply have to pay level Rs. 50 as network capacity fee (NCF) charge. The multi-TV policy will allow users to mirror stations from main connection or pick unique options too. Dish TV has also advised that only up to three kid connections will be allowed below a key link.

NCF charge on a single link is levied at Rs. 130 per month (excluding taxation ). Dish TV has declared that multi-TV readers will only pay Rs. 50 as NCF charge on the second, third, and fourth link. Multi-TV connections imply that numerous connections taken by a single user under a single title at one address, usually in separate rooms. All these multi-TV users will be able to mirror precisely the same set of stations in their primary connection and secondary relations, or select distinct ones for primary connections and different ones for secondary connection.

Dish TV also noted that a maximum number of three child connections will be permitted with a primary connection, so a total of four connections per home will be permitted moving forward.

The new move empowers Dish TV readers to select as many as 189 FTA stations, without paying any extra NCF — over and above the base bunch costs of Rs. 130 a month (excluding taxation ). But, it did not change anything to the paid SD and HD stations.


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