A Disney vacation can be very expensive to say the least. And knowing as many Disney tips and tricks as you can will only help you maximize your time and stretch your dollar. Thousands upon thousands of people visit Disney World and Disneyland every year, and so many of them are wasting too much of their time when they can be getting so much more excitement on their vacation. Also the money spent on a Disney trip can get lost pretty easily, so knowing the right Disney tips and tricks before you go will help save the bank.
There seem to be countless Disney tips and tricks to help you, but here are a few. For example, you need to know how you are getting from your hotel to the parks. Many hotels have a free shuttle service so you just need to check if your hotel does. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, a free shuttle service may persuade you to consider spending a little more on a hotel. Parking is very expensive! If you do drive your own vehicle to the parks remember where you parked. When you get there write down exactly where your car is located (example: goofy28). This will help you easily located your car when your day at Disney is over. I once saw a family trying to locate their vehicle. It was getting very late and they just seemed to be lost. There are Disney drivers patrolling who can assist you, but still the search could take hours before you find your vehicle. The last thing you want to do after a long day is look for your car!
Some more Disney tips and tricks that can help you are bring a backpack and money belt. Wearing a backpack can keep your hands free and store just about everything you need. Just don’t over pack it and weigh it down or your shoulders will be achy and tired by the end of the day. A money belt is also a great idea to take along with you on your Disney vacation. Storing all your money, credit cards, park tickets, etc. in your money belt fixed securely around your wast will keep the thieves away and your stress down knowing your valuable items are safe. Dining is also very important when it comes to Disney tips and tricks. One great idea is to bring your own food into the parks. Bringing in your own food cuts down dramatically on spending and can also free up time because you don’t have to waste time in those long restaurant lines. You can even eat while waiting for a ride. Big time saver! Another dining tip is to eat at times when most of the crowd isn’t eating, such as eating during the parades since a lot of people like the Disney parades. Or eat at off times, like lunch at 2:00 and dinner at 8:30. These Disney tips and tricks can be very helpful and lead to a stress free enjoyable Disney vacation


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