Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner With LCD Screen, Intelligent Features Launched in India

In a Press event in Singapore on Wednesday,” Dyson Introduced the Dyson V11, the Most Recent addition to the popular line of vacuum Cleaner.

In comparison to the predecessor, the principal improvements from the Dyson V11 Total Pro cord-free vacuum cleaner comprise improved suction capacity; a built-in screen capable of displaying data like staying battery run time, and a brand-new High Torque cleaner mind capable of discovering the type of surface being washed.

Employing Dyson’s Dynamic Load Sensor (DLS) technologies, the cleaner mind finds brush pub resistance around 360 times per second. This information is passed into the microprocessor, which then adjusts the suction capability to optimise performance and battery lifetime. This implies, as an instance, the suction ability will be automatically improved when you change from hard floors to rugs, which normally demand cleaning.

Dyson states that the High Torque cleaner mind includes stiff nylon bristles which push deep into carpet to get rid of ground-in dirt, along with anti-static carbon fiber filaments effective at getting dust from hard flooring and cracks. An integrated electronic engine spins the brush bar around 60 times per second.

A sealing bellow made from elastic foam retains the Top Torque cleaner mind sealed into the ground while cleaning, making sure there is no suction deficits.

A built-in LCD screen will provide you real time info on the sort of battery life you can expect with present loads. The Dyson V11 is capable of conducting Eco, Boost, and Auto manners, and also the battery run time you make it on a single charge is dependent upon variables such as the cleanup mode and the sort of tool used.

The screen will also be utilised to provide maintenance alarms like alerting users to wash to notify them of potential blockages. The device will also show short videos that will show users how to remove the congestion.

In the core of the Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner would be your new Dyson digital engine V11 using a triple diffuser, which spins at around 125,000rpm.

Just like previously, Dyson says it invested hundreds of hours in an effort to decrease the noise created by the engine and improve its acoustics.

Dyson V11 cost in India

The Dyson V11 is backward compatible with accessories and tools you may have bought with the V10 or old versions.


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