The reason why it is possible to teach learn a certain principle is that there are theories surrounding it, which can be learned. Therefore, just like any theory, music can be learned through Music education. Music education theory focuses on teaching the learner basic elements. Teaching music is therefore teaching the must-knows of music.

Learning Music Theory

It takes more than just sitting in a class and learning music. One has to have a genuine interest in music. This will take you far in helping you get the flow when the elements of music and everything associated is taught. You progress the more you understand this.

The reason music education has gained a lot of ground is because as a theory, it has it principles based on more than just fun and hobby. Music is increasingly becoming a theory that is at par with what is being taught worldwide about it. The result of the process of music education is to make you appreciate music more. This is only possible with you having learned the basic ideas and theories of music and understanding them properly. This occurs only if instructed.

Just the way a painter know which colors to use at what point, and what brushes to use for what texture, so does a musician have to know when to use functions like composing singing, instrumentation and reviewing.

There are times when we are required to do deep rooted studies on the music we listen to so that we can learn what they mean. This requires us to listen below the surface. It requires the person studying the music to follow and understand the feel and the direction that the track is taking. That way, audiation makes us understand music.

The way we learn music today is not the way people of the past learned it. Unlike us, they had to rely on methods like rote and listening, just the way we had to memorize the multiplication tables.

You can never be at loss for understanding specifics like notation, sound, pitch, harmony and melody. These will make you appreciate more, the gist of music. The finesse of a piece of music is brought out through this.


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