Online marketers and entrepreneurs have become more aware of the fact that having a clean email list is vital in growing their business. Many of the email addresses gathered in your database may be inaccurate, false or abandoned, and that can have a greatly negative impact on your marketing. Learn how to guard your sending reputation and find out why email verification is essential in your marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, a bulk email checker is a tool that helps you check whether an email address is good or bad, and it employs email verification API to execute its purpose.Marketers who frequently send mass emails can benefit from using such a system.

Using a double opt-in form to collect email addresses is a great way to keep a healthy email list, but it’s not going to be enough if you’re looking to build and maintain a good online reputation. For example, sending marketing campaigns to addresses that are no longer in use or have a history of marking messages as “Spam” is never a good idea. But how do you know which addresses are good and which ones ar not? There’s only one way to find out: use an email validation service that will remove invalid email addresses from your database. This will prevent your emails from bouncing and will thus help you avoid deliverability issues.

Why is email verification important for your business?

Because it is the only tool that can ensure you are truly communicating to your audience. Some companies have never cleaned their email lists, and they wonder why their IP gets blacklisted, why they end up being marked as “Spam” or why their message never even reaches its destination. Others have discovered the advantages of having their email list checked and are constantly making sure they follow this important step before sending their campaigns.

There are many email validation softwares available online. We’ve hand-picked the best and we are going to tell you about it today. is the most complex and affordable email verifier on the market. It helps companies of all sizes reach their subscribers, while keeping their IP away from spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, email complainers and disposable emails. ZeroBounce also appends useful information to your list, like the first and last name, gender, location and IP (when provided) of the email address’s owner.

Validating your list with ZeroBounce is seamless: you upload your file into the system, the software verifies it and it gives it back to you in better shape than ever. You don’t have tens of thousands of emails? You can still sign up to verify less emails at a great price. Bonus: to give you the chance to try out the service, ZeroBounce offers you 100 free credits (100 email addresses checked at no charge).

ZeroBounce keeps your data safe

Another reason why we think ZeroBounce is a great choice is because they take data protection very seriously.The company uses advanced tools to keep personal information safe from harm: all files are protected by military encryption algorithms. After you complete the validation process, all your data is erased in maximum 30 days.

With tens of thousands of happy customers, ZeroBounce is the most reliable email validation system we’ve found. Also, their customer support team is there to assist you 24/7. Give them a try!

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