Enjoy Your Life With The 8GB Watch

Enjoy Your Life With The 8GB Watch

Now the USB flash memory has become a necessity in our daily life. It comes with portability, large capacity, reasonable price and reliable performance. As the USB Flash Memory is in small size, it’s very suitable to carry with you. You can carry it in front, attach it to your keychain, and even put it in purse. There are 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G and 16G USB flash disks. In this passage, we will share a cool gadget with you-the 8 GB USB watch.

Come to say hello to your new friend. From the appearance, it’s cool watch with stylish design. However, in fact, this is much more than just a simple watch. Just as we mentioned above, it’s also a USB flash memory in a shape which you never imagine. This is a steel watch flash memory, an easy -to -use unique combination of convenient portable storage and a sharp-looking watch.

It can help you to store more than 2000 documents, songs and pictures. Thus, you can take your large work files back and forth from office with high speed transmission. Also, you can share your favourite music, film with others by the flash memory.

Except that, you know it’s a watch at the same time. So it will tell you the exact time all the time. With it, you will never have the chance to miss your important appointment. It’s such a multifunctional watch as it can show you the right time and play the USB flash memory role. Compared with other USB disk, it’s much more portable as you wear it on your wrist and there’s less possibility for you to lose it.

In one word, this dual function gadget is the wise choice for you, especially the professional business travellers. Now if you buy it from chinazrh, you can enjoy the wholesale discount and cheap wholesale price and you can have more choice of USB flash drives.


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